And we drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and drink…and then we puke and puke…

Last night’s menu:

– Grilled chicken breasts “hand rubbed” with olive oil, Old Bay seasoning and garlic powder
– Grilled asparagus marinated in a lime juice, olive oil and sea salt marinade
– Mashed potatoes topped with a generous spoonful of butter
– Big Fat Yeast Roll
– Beverage of Choice (mine was a vodka and iced-tea mix)

As I was plating the food, my eldest announced he needed to poop. Now, my son suffers from “holditin-itus” and thus, anytime he needs to poop, you can pretty much bet he needs to poop. This led to a 30-minute exercise in family-dining-futility as I held the baby and dropped copious amounts of food on my lap and the floor (family dog was in heaven), while my wife sat on the stool in front of my enthroned son and read books. By the time she got to the meal, it was cold and lifeless.

Which is a shame too because it was really delicious, especially with the hot sauce/bar-b-que sauce mixture I made to go along with it.

This is about the 4th straight day of poopage for my eldest, which is somewhat of a record. This morning though, he complained of cramping, so perhaps its time to dial down the laxative (Miralax) again. Only, last time we did that, five days later it was “out with the suppository” AGAIN!

But what really startled me is how thin my son is now. I mean, he looks like a growing boy who gets a lot of exercise (which he does/is) rather than a slightly chubby 3-year old who does nothing but sits on the couch (which he doesn’t/isn’t). I can actually see his little ribs and tummy muscles, which I haven’t been able to see in a long while. Makes me wonder how long some of that stuff has been in there…yuck.

For the record, we do have a Dr.’s apt. scheduled with a GI doc since our Pediatricians seem to think his only problem is that we don’t force feed him enough bran muffins and water. Like they’ve ever had kids…

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