It’s like a HEAT WAVE…oh yeah!

Have I mentioned lately that I’m ready for autumn weather? Well I am. Here’s why:

It’s the middle of August, which according to “averages” should be a wee-bit cooler than July here in Atlanta. Not so though! We are well above average AND in the middle of a drought. I enjoy summer, that is, until it turns perpetually 90 degrees-plus for weeks on end and then I’m just over it and ready to move on. But I love early summer when the plants I planted the year before burst out of the ground and we finally get some color. I love the first few trips to the pool or the first (and usually only) trip to the beach. All very well and good, but also very temporary.

About halfway through summer my mood always turns pessimistic. It’s not like I’m not getting enough Vitamin E, because I certainly am. So I started thinking about this mid-summer crisis and I came up with a few possible reasons for why I feel like I do:

  • It’s too hot to get out and DO anything. This means that I’m inevitably stuck inside the house, or other similarly A/C’d place and I can’t work off my energy.
  • Same for the kids. Even though they are at daycare all day, if they don’t get outside and exercise, they are little hurricanes when they come home at night. And this only leads to more “No, stop that!” and “Would you please stop talking for 5 minutes?” Generally, things that make you feel like a bad parent later when you stop and think about it.
  • Summer makes you do things you wouldn’t normally have to do, which takes time away from things you want to do. For instance, watering outdoor plants. When I have to do it, it takes me almost an hour and a half to do it. An hour and a half when you have children, is like an eternity of free time just down the tubes. And sure, watering is easy and it’s quiet, but you still sweat just standing there, so it’s not fun.
  • I also enjoy a nice walk after dinner to work off my compulsive eating disorder (it’s all in my head) and you can’t do that when it’s so hot.
  • It’s too hot to play golf or even hit balls…my one hobby
  • I’m tired of my summer wardrobe

And I think the weather people around here are co-conspirators in that they keep tweaking the long-range forecast. See, they start off by showing that it’s gonna be really hot for three days, then they show a cooling trend. But then if you look at it the next day, it shows the same thing, just advanced one day. And the same happens the next day and the next day. It’s like they know that people are looking to their long-range forecast for just a little ray of hope–something to look forward to–and they don’t want to ruin it by bald-faced admitting, “Yeah it’s gonna be 98 degrees for the foreseeable future. Sorry.”

Anyway, I’m taking off this Friday despite it still being 94 degrees, but that just forces me to stay home and start pulling off that wallpaper rather than going and playing golf 😦 But you watch, one of the children will probably end up getting sick and instead of having a productive day off, it’ll be Daddy Daycare with yours truly as the teacher, teacher’s assistant, cleaning crew and chef.

Really…I don’t ask for much…just some cool nights outside on my back porch listening to Audio Visions with a nice glass of Cabernet Sauvignon in my hand. Is that too much to ask? Is that so wrong?

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