TTFN – and Happy 4th!

I’m pretty sure that I, and nearly 2/3 of America, will get nothing done at work today. That is, if 2/3 of America is actually AT work today, which I’m doubting considering the traffic this morning. And the only reason I’m at work today, rather than kicking back working from home, is because some nimrod scheduled a meeting from 1-2 p.m. today to talk about some collateral I’m supposed to write that will only get lost in the big corporate shuffle and quite possibly never be seen by a customer, much less an executive who will read it and say, “Holy crap! Who wrote this? It’s pure genius!”

(that’s the scenario I play out in my head each time I write something that actually gets printed and/or published)

Which led me to the fact that in addition to not really having any work to do today, I also don’t have much to write about. Upcoming weekend will consist of three exhausting days of trying to keep the boys from whining, interrupted with fireworks at 9:30 (waay past their bedtime and cutting severely into my own “down time”). This, I’m sure, is right in line with just about everyone else’s plans, so why bother with the details right?

But Allison over at “That’s What She Blogged” changed her header image to a bunch of books and it got me to thinking about a series I finally finished and thought I’d pass along.

If you like Fantasy books at all, you simply must check out Terry Goodkind’s, “Sword of Truth” series. There are about 8 (ok, 11) books in all, and most are very long. It’s about a simple woodsman, who turns out to be the savior of the world (sound familiar?). There’s a lot of magic, and a lot of logic, and a LOT of really great characters spanning the series. It is, by far, one of the most original Fantasy series I’ve read in a long time. Goodkind has taken the best of the old Fantasy genre, stripped out what a lot of newer writers seem to think you must have for a good plotline (primarily lots of detailed war strategy) and come up with something that will stir you and make you actually care about the characters and perhaps think a bit along the way.

It won’t take you long to realize that what Goodkind has created here is his “perfect world”, which in actuality is our REAL world, only perfected in his image (which I must say, would be nice, but will never happen). As such, he does get a bit preachy here and there, but it comes with the territory. Hey, when I’ve sold jillions of books, I’ll write pretty much what I darn-well please too! If you lived near me, I’d lend you the books, but since you don’t, you’re out of luck, but all the major chains carry them.

So that’s my spiel for the day. I don’t know if I’ll actually find time to blog again before next week, so if not, I hope you all have a fun and safe 4th of July!

One thought on “TTFN – and Happy 4th!

  1. I will have to add that to my ever-expanding ‘I should read that someday’ list. The only fantasy-type books I have read is the Lord of the Rings set…I really liked those, so I should give your set a shot.

    I’m currently reading Citizen Soldiers by Stephen Ambrose. I gave it to my dad for his b-day…knowing that I would get to read it afterwards. What a selfish gift-giver I am!

    Happy 4th of July. I was off today…and I am certain that I wouldn’t have gotten anything done had I been at work.

    BTW, I got the job.

    RE: Excellent! Congrats on the job! That is SOOO worthy of a strong, frosty beverage this holiday weekend! (or 2)

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