Over the river and through the woods…

ethan river 2 W ell, we’re off this afternoon. I’m taking my readers’ advice and snatching MLI outta daycare and hitting the road this afternoon. I’ve decided that I’m doing it, in part, to thumb my nose at the Saudi’s and the Democrats.

To the Saudi’s because, by golly, if they can put a daggum indoor ski resort in the middle of the friggin’ desert, then I can darn sure spend $50 going to see my mom (and play in the river!). This isn’t a joke. My old boss went there and brought back pictures.

And I thumb my nose at the Democrats because, despite their best efforts, I still drive a pickup truck that gets terrible gas mileage.  BUT, until they make a pickup truck with a full-size bed, that can pull a couple of jet skis outta the water (I don’t have one, but I’d like to), and gets more than 25 mpg, I’m keeping what I’ve got! It’s paid off and it runs great! Can’t beat that!

I’ve contemplated running my “ROLL TIDE” flags on the outside of my windows as I drive through T-town, but I figure that’s asking for trouble that I really just don’t need, so I’m going to sneak in quietly, running my radar detector the whole way.

For the unitiated, Tennessee is a HUGE Alabama football rivalry ever since their coach ratted out one of our players for allegedly taking bribes, which as it turns out, we didn’t even keep the player. For all of that, Alabama football got several years of academic scholarship penalties that killed our chances at winning any kind of championships for several years. So yeah, we pretty much hate Tennessee, and I’m sure the feeling’s mutual.

With luck, I’ll get some good pictures to share with you all next week. So until then, you all have a wonderful, safe weekend!

2 thoughts on “Over the river and through the woods…

  1. Hope you’re having a good trip!

    I saw that indoor ski resort on one of Matt Laurer’s ‘Where in the World’ destinations. Regarding your trip, the Saudis can put that in their pipes and smoke it.

    Say hello to Dolly for me.

    RE: Had lots of fun. See blog for details!
    Oh, Dolly and “the girls” say HI!

  2. romi41

    oooh can’t wait to see some pics of that, hope you had a blast 🙂

    RE: Me too…except, there aren’t any. At least, not any with me wearing a shirt and trust me, right now, you DO NOT wanna see me without one! My mom, apparently, lacks the “take a picture gene” because I had my camera out and she never took any of us EXCEPT for the ones where we’re in the river. Also…I was going to take it in the caves, but I wasn’t sure if I could (Didn’t call) and I didn’t want to take it and then have to leave it in the car. So, no good pics! Sorry!

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