Let the games begin (not the Olympics)

IMG_2330As I sat on the curb on Sunday, watching the boys run around–MLI on his big wheel and MLE chasing him with a soccer ball waiting on the right moment to throw it at a passing big brother, prompting yelps of glee and spinning around until he collapses–I pondered the summer and I couldn’t help but wish for a nice, cool breeze to lift my flagging summer spirits.

And then I saw this little leaf lying on the ground. Even in 87-degree temps (with 82% humidity) there’s always something to look forward to.

…which, brings me to the current state of affairs!

I just kissed CareerMom goodbye for her whirlwind trip to Colorado–business trip of course, but there are perks to it all (for her I mean).

Which means that I’m already planning my next move from a “What to do with the boys at night so they don’t drive me crazy beating up me, each other, and the furniture.”

So…now taking suggestions.

I have a coupon for cheap bowling, which I’m pretty sure I’m going to use. Then there’s always Chick-Fil-A again, and depending on what Tropical Storm Fay does, we may or may not be able to play outside Wednesday and/or Thursday evening, so further consideration will have to be given as the week progresses.

Any ideas?

2 thoughts on “Let the games begin (not the Olympics)

  1. I find building forts to be an excellent way to make old indoor toys new again. Take a sheet or a blanket and arrange ottomans/cushions/pillows/chairs to create the tent poles to hold up said sheet/blanket. Then my kids always enjoy playing with their regular toys but *in the fort*.

    RE: Good idea. The cushions are off most of the time anyway, so the boys can parachute off the couch without hurting themselves. Maybe this will at least keep them busy while I do dinner. Thanks!

  2. We have a place called ‘Pump it Up’ that features huge inflatables for kids (maybe adults too, I’m hoping). Someday I’m going to get brave enough to try it.

    I also like going to the library with the imp. She likes to pick out new books and play with toys that aren’t hers.

    You could always do a playdate with the mom who drives you crazy.

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