The Things We Do for Blogs – New Paint Colors for the House

The funny thing about blogging is that once you start, everything that happens to you on a daily basis becomes fodder for a blog. Even stuff that you wouldn’t normally bore your friends with, suddenly becomes this…story that you can’t wait to share with people.

For instance:

I took off work on Friday to get some painting done around the house. CareerMom and I have been slowly covering the bare off-white walls in our house with some color, but we hadn’t come up with an overall color for the majority of the walls, until last week.

clair de luneWe picked a Behr paint color called “Clair de Lune,” which here looks really brown, but is actually in the yellow family. I’m sure it looks different on different monitors.

So everything was going well as I painted till I got to the stairwell. Thanks to high ceilings, I wasn’t able to reach about a 5 square foot section of wall that was above the stairs. I needed to get up close to the crown molding, so I couldn’t just use a roller with handle extensions, or else I’d have big swatches of yellow on the molding that I’d somehow have to figure out how to paint over. After considering my options, I concluded that there was no way around it; I was just going to have to “get up there” somehow.

I broke out my trusty ladder and put one leg on one step and then tried stacking a number of items on the next lower step so as to raise it up enough to support the other leg of the ladder. But, I could never come up with a tall enough combination of phone books and other items that offered the right mix of stabilization and height that would satisfy my fear of falling to my death, or at the very least, falling and breaking something I might need at a later date.

So, I finally gave up on the ladder idea and instead, low-teched a solution:


Note that I have two paint roller extension handles screwed together and the pièce de résistance—a paint brush duct-taped to the handles.


Once I felt confident in leaning my full weight against the railing and settled my nerves enough to paint in a straight line, it all went like clockwork.

Now, what you may be asking yourself, and what I DID ask myself is, “Who does this? Who stops in the middle of something like painting a house, and sets up their tripod and their camera on a timer, and poses for a picture?”

Only a blogger my friends…only a blogger!

9 thoughts on “The Things We Do for Blogs – New Paint Colors for the House

  1. I wanted to make you aware of untill now if someone wanted to sample a color they would have to either buy a quart or choose from limited color choices available in jars or pouches. MyPerfectColor invented a pint size can for any color and you can browse all the colors on the web. They also can make any color from any brand using Benjamin Moore paints. They ship all samples to your door fast. when you get a chance please check them out. all this for about half the price of any store.

    My favorite is the color combination page

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    RE: OK, despite this being an obvious marketing ploy, it actually seems pretty cool, so I’m gonna allow this comment through!

  2. And WHY would a blogger stop and shoot the picture?

    Because his blogger acquaintances would make fun of him if he hadn’t grabbed that picture. And then the original photo-less blogger would end up getting everything out and trying to re-enact the entire scene.

    And THAT is when something would have gone horribly wrong. A broken leg from a fall, a paint spill on the carpet. A ticked off wife with a paintbrush jammed in her eye…

    So you really took the pic to keep me from calling you a liar and to ensure the safety of your own life and property, right?

    RE: Oooh, re-enactment indeed!
    Good call! CareerMom would have most certainly stared at me in horrid fascination had I donned my old painting shirt and attempted to re-enact the scene. As it was, I left the tripod up in our room beside the bed. She never said anything about it, so right before bed, as I was putting it up, I said, “I was going to make a porno of us tonight, but I decided not to.”

    She just snorted and hopped in bed.
    So…guess that idea is out…

  3. Hehe. And I thought you had children with exceptionally steady hands.

    Your pose looks like something you would see on a statue. Some kind of Greek statue….like you’re holding a trident, or a telescope, or something. You should see me with an ink blot test.

    RE: I like the Greek God thing. That totally rocks…and made my day even if you didn’t mean it in a, “You have the body of a Greek God” kinda way. Cuz…I’m gonna pretend that ‘s what you meant!

  4. Nice work! You should be proud.

    RE: Thank you! I just need to figure out how to reach the rest of the cathedral ceiling in the foyer! Were I not afraid of heights, I’d rent one of the indoor lift Genie thingies. That would be too cool!

  5. romi41

    AS IF I’m going to make fun of you for the tripod move when you put up pictures like that!!! *meow*…lol…I am so inappropriate, but you should know this from my blog, hahaha….and I love Allison’s comment on the Greek God thing…nice one 🙂

    RE: Your “inappropriateness” is why we love you! Keep it up!

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