I’ve already forgotten my title

I’m pretty sure that before I had kids, I was much less forgetful and absentminded. When I went into a room to do something, I actually remembered what I’d gone in there for. When I came home and put my keys and wallet down in the same place I always put them, they would still be there when I needed them later rather than having up and walked off on their own and placed themselves in some obscure place like the soapdish in the bathroom.

I can’t remember how many things I’ve lost since my kids were born. Tools, papers, little flashlights and odds ‘n ends like that; all gone…to God knows where.

And my absentmindedness isn’t much better. Rather than losing things, I lose my train of thought, or my bearing on the here and now.

For instance:

Our bathroom is great. It’s big; it has two sinks and ample counter space for all the many things a woman and her slightly “neat freaky” husband needs. Our shower is also pretty great, being one of those large tiled, stand up deals. But, like so many contractors, whoever tiled our bathroom was in such a great hurry, that they forgot to add a soapdish or any other kind of shelf for storing things one might need while showering.

CareerMom has many such things. Shampoo, face wash, sugar scrubs, conditioner, shave gel and more. And, I’m slightly embarassed to say, I have a similar number of items in the shower.

So far, we’ve made do with this dinky little vinyl covered wire rack thing that sits on the floor and reaches all of about two feet high. At least twice a week, the darn thing falls over and all of our…stuff, falls in disarray on the shower floor. I once purchased a spring loaded vertical rod with several shelves on it at various heights, but for some reason we couldn’t get the tension just right. It was either too loose so that it fell over, or it was so tight that it was pushing the sheetrock of the ceiling up.

So this little rack thingy is jam packed with various items and the other day as I showered, I used a few of them. Extra points if you can pick out which one I accidentally used instead of my shower soap:


Here’s a hint, top shelf, dog on the label…

For the record, it wasn’t nearly as sudsy as my SoftSoap.

4 thoughts on “I’ve already forgotten my title

  1. I actually considered using that “Mighty Putty” (as seen on TV) to hang some kind of shelf in my shower. You think it would work?

    Um, you use dog shampoo for bath soap? I will admit to using dog conditioner on my own hair. (I think that is common among groomers!) I’m waiting for Les Pooch to come out with something for curly coats that doesn’t attempt to straighten it. Something for water spaniels maybe…

    RE: It wasn’t on purpose…hence the “forgetfulness” theme!
    That mighty putty does look handy. They have a “As seen on TV” store in our mall now and I SOOOO wanna go in there, but every time I do, that tenored voice of Billy Mayes starts screaming in my ear!

  2. romi41

    Sorry to hear about your memory, but what the heck is that dog-labelled bottle? Tick shampoo? LOL 😉 …some sort of conditioner? I have no idea…

    RE: Dog shampoo. I bathed my dogs in the bath a few weeks ago and left it there. I’ve picked the bottle up at least twice and I know for sure that I’ve used it at least once.
    …and I still haven’t moved it…

  3. Somebody I know had a similar experience – except she tried to use hair removing lotion instead of hair shampoo – you can imagine the consequences!

    RE: OH NO! That’s something one should use and then immediately, even before getting out of the shower, put away somewhere!”

  4. I wash my hair with whatever I can find…. Even with (to the dismay of the Mother of Five) bar soap…

    I dunno… Soap is soap, if you ask me…

    It’s all going down the drain in the end… So, the cheaper the better!

    RE: You crack me up! However, I will say that I scoff at all these shampoo commercials. What is it now? The new “men’s line of haircare” from the makers of “Edge” shaving cream. I think the tagline says the shampoo has “dirt attractors.” Dirt attractors huh? Wow, wonder what those are!

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