Parenting Haiku

haiku Like so many other things, we Americans have taken something from somewhere else, and made it our own. Such is the case with what we call “Haiku.” Though traditional Japanese Haiku was very structured, they didn’t conform to “syllables” so much as we do; instead, they were concerned with “sound units,” which simply put, are syllables.

Whatever. They are simple, direct and I like ’em!

Tiny childlike spoons
The dishwasher eats them up
I cut my hand

Your nails grow so fast
That I can’t keep up with them
Hey! Stop wiggling!

One more die cast toy
On my kitchen floor at night
My sanity gone

There’s milk on the floor
There’s milk stains on my carpet
No milk for daddy

Good Lord what’s that smell?
Coming from the closet there
Diaper Genie sucks!

You aren’t old enough
Yet to be doing that there
Leave your penis be!

This same book I’ve read
More times than I care to count
Aren’t you tired of it?

I don’t know why son
I don’t know everything (yet)
Leave me alone please

Double doors, both locked
I sit silently and still
Ah, bathroom is mine!

You’re so sweet asleep
When you aren’t clawing at me
But your breath doth stink!

There’s lots more where that came from. I’d love to hear yours!

Also, if you like poetry from non Europeans or Americans, I would highly recommend Kahlil Gibran. “The Prophet” is especially nice.

2 thoughts on “Parenting Haiku

  1. Here is what I came up with. My life in a nutshell…

    Blonde and curly head
    Thrown back in ear piercing scream
    Thank God you are cute
    Baby sign for milk
    Sigh, eyeroll, protest; you win
    Lift my shirt again
    I said eat your food
    Don’t care if it makes you gag
    No dessert for you
    I said not right now
    Have you finished all your work?
    Because I said so

    RE: HA HA HA! Loved the second one! Thank GOD CareerMom pumped when she went back to work or I might still not be able to access them!

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