The Bachelor Pad Diaries – Day 1

image Day 1: Yesterday was tough because CareerMom left at noon, and while I was at the office, I received a call from Daycare that MLE had suffered another bout of mystery “bites” whilst napping. This was twice now that while asleep, he was apparently eaten up by bugs. I had already spoken with the daycare and he was the only one on both occasions affected. They sprayed down all the cots; verified that all sheets had been washed, etc. Honestly, it looked like flea bites, but fleas are pretty obvious so I figured it wasn’t that.

Since they had done their due diligence, I figured it was my turn. So, I left work and scrambled to Daycare and got him to the Dr.’s office by 4 p.m. After giving him a complete examination (minus a body cavity search), the doctor proclaimed, “Hives. He’s got ’em and chances are you’ll never figure out why. Give him some Benadryl and that should settle it down in a couple of days.”

$35 later (deductible + some new paperwork fee????) I ran back to daycare to pick up MLI and then we headed home. My “plan” had gotten messed up though (I was s’pose to be able to go to the gym before picking them up), so I was in a “not too great mood” and I might have yelled once (or twice) that evening. I tried to do some work after putting them to bed, but good old Lotus Notes had somehow boogered up my password and it required that I get a new one.

Now check this out:

If you want a new e-mail password, you have to request one either by telephone or Web form. Then, they send it to your manager–nope, not to you–and your manager has to give it to you. It’s as if they want your manager to know how inept you are.

So anyway, rather than spending my time getting a lot of work done last night, I spent half of it trying and retrying various passwords.


Would you believe that after all that, I DID NOT have an adult beverage? Gold star for me!

2 thoughts on “The Bachelor Pad Diaries – Day 1

  1. Wow…I would have been drinking the booze out of an ash-tray at the local bar after a day like that…good for you! 🙂 Are his hives better now?

    RE: I had a rum and coke and by the time I was finished with it, I was definitely in no shape to be writing the instructional document I was writing! HA!
    BTW: I know you’ve lost some weight, but did you take a new profile pic? Cuz you look a LOT thinner!

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