Procrastination personified!

(feed readers may miss the super-cool pictures)

The baby is due in one month. (sssssh! don’t say it too loud or she might hear and come early!)

I am Waaaay under-prepared! As of this morning, here is what the baby’s room looks like:

IMG_3158As you can see, it’s pretty much…not done. CareerMom painted it a couple of weeks ago, but other than that, it still has all the trappings of a guest room.

Oh, I did move MLE’s crib out of his room into this room, but that was basically to make room for his big boy bed (which, unsurprisingly, isn’t helping him sleep any later!).

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while know that it took me a bit of time to get on board with this baby coming (it being such a shock and all), but I assure you, I’m not putting this off for some emotional reason or because mentally I think, “If you don’t build it, it won’t come.”

I’ve actually been very busy elsewhere in the house and THAT project is the lynchpin upon which the baby room’s completion will fall.


My basement. (cue: “Ode to Joy”)

Our house is one of the only ones on our street w/out a finished basement and while I’m not one to “keep up with the Jones’,” (wow, what a weird series of punctuation. I’m not even sure that’s grammatically correct…) I am cognizant of the fact that as my chirrun get older, they will drive me crazy—that is unless I have a place to send them where they can venture forth and destroy.

Also, on a more practical note, since the baby room is taking up what used to be the guest room, AND since I’m trying to encourage MY family to come visit (and thereby babysit), I wanted to give them a place to go—a sanctuary if you will—when they do come. So, the basement consists of a bathroom, a bedroom, a GREAT room, and some other room-area that as of yet, has no known purpose (but it’s wired up for cable and Internet).

As you can see, it has no carpet; no doorknobs, no mirrors in the bathrooms and no ceiling fans (or um…light fixtures in the bathroom), but as soon as the carpet comes in, I’ll at least be able to move the furniture currently in the baby’s room, down to the basement and then baby room decorating can properly begin.

Wouldn’t you know it…my contractor went on vacation this week.

7 thoughts on “Procrastination personified!

  1. dobeman

    I am the author and I’m commenting on behalf of myself.

    This is a test. This is only a test. If your name is FOF, then I don’t know why you can’t post if, in fact, you are able to see this.

    Might have to complain to WordPress!

    1. dobeman

      RE: OH Heavens NO!
      We have thus far avoided having the baby in the room with us. The reasoning being a selfish one — that I don’t want the baby to get used to it, and thereby keep us from having “adult time” once it’s older.
      I think we might have let the boys sleep in our rooms for only a couple of nights right after bringing them home.

  2. I think you should consider hiring the decorator from ‘Father of the Bride 2″…Franck 🙂 Especially if you’d like to add a wing to the house for your new arrival. (Girls need space.)

  3. You should have told yourself 8 months ago that ‘If you don’t do it, it won’t come.’ Or you won’t come, depending on how you look at it. And dang, I would pay rent to have the babys room. Looks bigger than my whole house.

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