I’m alright, ain’t nobody worried ’bout me…

Seriously folks, despite the total lack of communication in more months than I’m ashamed to admit, we’re all good here.

Busy. Tired. Completely OVER the cost of daycare. But fine, nevertheless.

Just to catch you up in easy to read bullets:

  • Yes, I’m still alive and kicking.
  • I still have my job, my family, and if you disregard a busted toe, bad wrist and knees, I still have my health.
  • Marissa (our newest member) is 3.5 months old now. She’s a HOSS! But she’s also a sweetheart as long as you follow the rules:
    – If you hold her, you cannot stop moving. This means no sitting down…evar!
    – She likes to eat. Keep a bottle handy.
    – She will suck the dye out of your shirt, so you must ALWAYS keep a burp cloth over your shoulder
    – Never joke about not having changed a big poopy recently. You WILL regret it
  • MLI and MLE are doing well. They are also turning into true brothers, which means constant nitpicking at each other (which means mom and dad are constantly yelling at them)

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Just surviving the holidays the best way we know how (avoidance?). I promise to try and blog more…I really do. There’s just been no free time lately. If I DO have free time, I’m probably doing something wrong and should be either making dinner, cleaning the house, or holding the baby.

If I don’t talk to you soon, I wish all my virtual buds (and budettes) a very merry Christmas!

3 thoughts on “I’m alright, ain’t nobody worried ’bout me…

  1. She’s adorable (and was given a very pretty name). Agreed about double…this was my first year of cafeteria planning that actually involved a decrease due to impending public school. I don’t want to hurry my daughter’s childhood (though age 4 has been a little rough behavior-wise), but I am looking forward to the financial change.

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