The Unrealized Hope of the Millennial Generation

I’m no spring chicken anymore. I mean, I’m not a youngster, but in the workplace, I have almost 25 years under my  belt. Those of us who have been working for that long have seen changes come and go in corporate America–mostly go–but few changes have seemed as optimistic as the promise of “A New Way of Life” as demanded by today’s up and coming Millennials.

What a disappointment that’s been.

I saw an article today on LinkedIn praising the work ethic of the millennial and the first thing that came to mind was, “Well that sort of flies in the face of their demands now doesn’t it?”

For the last few years we’ve heard all about how millennials won’t be slaves to the workplace like boomers and GenXers and how they will demand flexibility and a new breed of “benefits.”

I must confess, I’ve yet to see anything change. In fact, I’m working MORE hours now, for a slower rate of return on my earnings, than I have at any point in the last 25 years (minus my days in the military).

Maybe I’m working for the wrong companies. Truth be told, a healthy number of the “young” people who have started working where I work, spend less than a year there. So maybe I need to join the Clampetts in California and try and get work with some cool, socially conscious startup–if they’ll have me.

Or maybe it’s like the old saying about being a liberal until you get older…and millennials are finally starting to realize that nothing is free, not even that hybrid car they’re so fond of, nor are all of those hip restaurants tucked away in the corner of some cozy NY City alley.

I had high hopes for this up and coming generation and their Brave New World of flexibility and high income, but once again, it looks like success will come from good old plodding, boring, hard work.

3 thoughts on “The Unrealized Hope of the Millennial Generation

  1. The “entitlement” from our youngest hires is ASTRONOMICAL… They want, they want, they want… but ask them to give – and you get cricket sounds and a bewildered look in their eyes.

    They don’t care that you have spent 25 years working towards your goal. They want what you have NOW – because… well, because “it’s not fair”…

    And don’t get me started on work ethic, devotion, dedication, loyalty, and the like. There is NOTHING…

    The differences between the generations are “Grand” and as vast as a “Canyon”..

  2. Oh… And the concept of a “team”??!?!

    Completely lost, unless the “team” is fighting for THEIR agenda. Once the focus is on something besides THEIR agenda (even if the team supported their agenda) they jump ship faster than you can say “millennial”!

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