Millennials Have Made It All “OK”

**UPDATE** Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks this commercial is ridiculous:

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When you’ve raised nearly $1B in funding from investors, you can start doing things that challenge the status quo–I guess. Although, some would say that true innovators challenge the status quo BEFORE they ever become successful.


If you watch television at all, you’ve no doubt seen this spot by the stationary bicycle company, #Peloton:

Click here to watch the video:

If you don’t care to watch the video, basically a woman’s husband/boyfriend/partner gives her a Peloton for Christmas. She ends up using it–a lot–and the next year she makes a video for him (wow, I’m sure he LOVED it) of her using it and thanking him for giving it to her.

I ask my fellow “Men Over 40” if they have EVER given their wife/girlfriend/partner a piece of fitness equipment as a gift?

That’s right, you haven’t. And that’s because you know if you did, you’d get excoriated for it by everyone she knows and these days, everyone she is even remotely connected to on the Internet.

Men “our age” know that a fitness-related gift is the same as suggesting your partner needs to lose weight.


But now Peloton appears to be trying to right that particular ship by suggesting that not only is it OK, but that’s she’s going to LOVE it.

Feels like a trap.

I reached out to Peloton on Twitter to get their thoughts on this and I’ve apparently gotten lost in the Holiday shuffle. But, as soon as I hear back, I’ll let you all know.

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