…and it was good


Do you remember in the Bible, where it goes something like,

“…and Jayhab begat Ishmaelica, and Ishmaelica begat Abednigoriah, and Abednigoriah begat John…”

…well, life is kinda like that too. One thing always leads to another. Rarely is there ever a,

“…and Abednigoriah decided enough was enough and he sat down, surveyed his kingdom, and chillaxed with a cold one.

It’d be pretty cool if it did though right?

I’m slowly getting things done at the house, but it seems I’ll never catch up. For instance:

  • I took the curtains down out of the now, baby room (three windows). This required patching and sanding the old holes, painting the patches (two coats), and then installing new curtains.
  • Taking the old curtains and putting them up in the living room, since after looking at them, and after looking at the crap-tastic cream, swag thingies we still had there from the previous owners, we decided we could re-purpose the old guest room curtains since the new guest room in the basement has no windows (pray that we never have a fire).
  • Having to also patch and paint over the holes from the old curtains in the living room. And somehow in ALL that, the quart of paint I had in the basement that was left over from when I originally painted the living room, turned out to have a different sheen (hey, I dunno either, they both say “Eggshell”). So now…yep, gotta paint the whole wall again in order for the sheen to match up.
  • Putting me in a REALLY foul mood!

But CareerMom, despite being full-term pregnant, is being a really good sport about it all. She knows I’ve been running around like a chicken w/out a head and she has generally refrained from “reminding” me about this or that. But last night, after dinner, I mentioned that now that the curtains are up, how she could really finish decorating the baby’s room since she now has the baby’s bedding as well. And she said, “Well, I have sort of been waiting on you to adjust the crib mattress up a little higher (we had it adjusted to the lowest setting so MLE couldn’t jump out), because, I suspect, she can’t bend that far over into the crib in order to retrieve and properly outfit the mattress, being nine months pregnant.


I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but despite the crib being of well-made Italian origin, they used your basic cheap-o aluminum frame and springs for the mattress holder, and of course, the tallest setting lines up directly with the slats in the crib, making it a complete pain in the arse to adjust.

But now that’s done too and there are only about 20 more things I need to get done in the next three weeks, else risk not getting them done at all until the baby turns five, at which point I figure she’ll be able to play by herself thereby giving daddy time to do his thing again.

Let this be a lesson to all of you out there—there’s always a “begat” waiting around the corner…

“…and sex begat a baby…”