Who’s Ready for Fall?

Is anyone else ready for fall? I’m not ready for temps in the teens mind you, but humidity down in the lower double digits would be nice. Don’t get me wrong, it really has not been a bad summer here. Despite early drought conditions, we’ve lately been getting at least a smattering of rain each day and this has really helped keep the temperature down. But still, I’m pretty much done with summer and I suspect my recent beach trip has something to do with it.

Been to the beach…been to the pool…got my yard in order…next!

My mom in Pennsylvania might disagree. The average high in July where she lives is only 81 and when we are still hitting mid-80s in September, her highs hover in the lower 70s. Her growing season is also much shorter too, so by the time I’m “over” weeding my yard (pretty much this month), she’s only just beginning.

Also adding fuel to my fall fire, is the bevy of catalogs that have started pouring in. We got our first Halloween costume catalog for the kids the other day. That’s still like 3 good full months away! Then came the inevitable Pottery Barn fall catalog full of really nice brown-toned stuff. The end-all will be when the William Sonoma catalog comes with the inevitable picture of a warm loaf of pumpkin bread (available in-store or online) on the cover. They currently still have ice cream cones as the featured seasonal treat, so we’re still a bit early yet.

The downside to all this happy-happy-joy-joy’ness, is the fact that school will be starting up soon. Now, this only affects me in that traffic will increase, because moms down here (of the stay-at-home variety) will hit the roads with their children because they’re afraid of the stigma that might incur should their precious be seen riding the cheese-wagon.


I don’t know…it’s probably just because this cold has got me down and I just need a little “pick-me-up.” Fall does that for me. But hey, soon enough we’ll be seeing cooler weather and college football. I can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “Who’s Ready for Fall?

  1. Jason h

    Hey! i’m going to cali this sunday.. gonna be there for a week, this is the site i was talking about where i made the extra cash. later!

  2. mom

    I think we are just all a bit disappointed with summer by now. The crisp fall weather marks another new season and another chance for contentedness. That’s something even we Pennsylvanians can get wrapped around.

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