Knowing when ta fold em Part 2

Well, despite the craziness of the first couple of days of the vacation, the remaining two days were fairly uneventful. We didn’t get much sleep at night because both boys appeared to come down with a cold (which I now have). The wind and waves were almost unbearable down on the beach, so we spent most of our in-water time in the pool. The island wasn’t in a real touristy area, so off-island excursions were pretty much out of the question. In short…we were stuck in the house for the remainder of the week.

But here are some notables:

  • My wife’s youngest sister woke up to a roach crawling in her hair
  • My oldest son got tired of one of the other boys and his older sister taking his train and he pushed the boy and took his stuff back. (even while I was admonishing him, I was mentally patting him on the back)
  • There was no shortage of making fun of all the lazy people using the elevator to go up or down one flight of stairs
  • My wife’s oldest brother’s wife feels no qualms about breastfeeding in public. I, however, feel no qualms about getting up in the middle of a conversation with her and leaving the room when she starts it
  • I caught no more fish. In fact, the waves were so bad, I couldn’t even get out in the surf to cast adequately far
  • I put a shrimp in my bathing suit pocket whilst fishing. I forgot it was there and when we got home, I washed it and dried it. Stunk up the whole load.
  • Not once did my wife and I get to walk on the beach together
  • On Sunday, one of the in-laws lost his wedding ring within 5 minutes of getting in the ocean. His wife, subsequently lost her diamond engagement ring in the pool two days later. Is that weird or what? Speculation abounded about the whole thing, especially considering she put all of about 20 minutes search time into it, while others spent hours taking apart the pool filter, and looking around the perimeter of the pool in the sand.

Otherwise, the trip was fine 🙂 We decided to leave Wednesday afternoon around 4 p.m. and actually hit the road at 4:19. God must have felt pity on us, and he put the boys to sleep for nearly 5 hours of the trip home. I actually got to hold a conversation with my wife in the front seat of the car. A novelty that one!

Back at home, things are slowly settling back to normal. Our youngest is sleeping better again, although both boys still have snotty noses. All in all, it’s really good to be home. And I’ve already put my foot down and said that next year, our core family is going somewhere by ourselves. Then the next year, we may team up with one of her sibling’s families and do Disney. We’ll see.

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