My boys are growing up!


The 19th was my youngest son’s first birthday, but we did a little celebration on Sunday eve instead. Being his first, we didn’t make a big deal of it. I’m sure he won’t remember it anyway, so why go through the expense. CareerMom ordered from Olive Garden and despite their deplorably hokey commercials (“Just because it’s Monday!”), the food was actually very good and everyone had a great time.

If you have Publix grocery stores around you, you know that if you buy a birthday cake, they give you a smaller smashable one for the child to destroy. I don’t know what size kid they feel the need to make this big ol’ smashable cake for, but hey, it’s their flour (and my money I guess).


Like my oldest son’s first birthday, my youngest didn’t really smash the cake; only mushed it up with his fingers a bit before attempting to get it in his mouth and mostly getting it ON his face.  But he’s a year old now. He’s walking; he’s doing some limited sign language to tell us what he wants, and before long he’ll be talking and dating and having “the sex!”  Oh Lord, make it stop!

Sometimes I want them to hurry up and get out of this “hold me” all the time phase, but then when I think of the alternative, I want to freeze this moment in time. Boy do I love these little guys!

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