Ixnay on the iseaseday!

They (being the medical community) really shouldn’t give two very different diseases/conditions similar names. Really, it just causes panic and confusion.

MLE (My Little Extrovert = my youngest son) was all smiles and grinning last night as I lay in bed half-dead to the world from some temporary illness that rendered me incapable of doing anything but playing Unreal Tournament 2004 Online and reading my spy novels (it was a very odd and selective illness that I had). But, the minute we put him to bed, he started crying and such. This went on until about 11:45, after which he quieted down and slept the rest of the night.

This morning, he wasn’t his usual happy self upon waking and when CareerMom tried to leave him at daycare, he just fell apart. Knowing this wasn’t normal and suspecting he had a bit of a fever, she took him to the doctor where they proceeded to diagnose a fever, a bad ear infection and an ulcer that, “…you should keep an eye on in case he is g

I’m pretty ignorant regarding most of these conditions, so parlay that into a Google search term for the chronically lazy typer, and here’s what you get: “foot mouth disease”


Holy Crap! My kid’s gonna die!

But wait…it says, “not to be confused with hand, foot and mouth disease…”

A huge effin difference people of the medical community who name diseases! Gimme a friggin heart attack why dontcha?

So, worst-case scenario, he gets a bunch of little bumps on his hands, mouth and feet and we have to keep him home from daycare for a while. I mean, not the best scenario I could imagine, but certainly better than the alternative. I’m just sayin’, couldn’t they just call the bad one “livestock disease #453”?  Then, there would no confusing it with a common infant malady at all.

2 thoughts on “Ixnay on the iseaseday!

  1. Bio-Mom

    Holey Sh*t, Batman! That was close! Reminds me of when your sister had a strange and terrible fever for several days when she was about two-and-a-half-years-old. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong until I called them on the fourth or fifth day and informed them that she was covered in spots!! They said “Oh, she’s good then. That’s just Roseola.” Huh? Seems that by the time the spots appear the crisis is over. Now that’s just ass-backwards! God definitely has a sense of humor on that one…a warped sense of humor… but still….

  2. Abbey

    Why does the medical community say this is uncommon among adults when THIS adult has clearly had it twice? My toddler barely showed any signs of it, except some crankiness which we attributed to terrible twos.
    WIth me, I was a zombie with a fever, chills, aches and a sore throat for two days. I was afraid it was strep throat. Then I got the itchy sore spots on my fingers and two of my toes.

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