Count your blessings, name them one by one…

Yesterday was one of those picture-perfect weather days here in Atlanta. The weather was in the cool 60s with very little hint of humidity. We spent the better part of the afternoon outdoors to maximize the “happy time” we get from the boys being entertained, which few things does better than being outside.

What gets me though, is how few other people do the same. Our neighborhood is about a mile long and there are a couple hundred houses here. We also have a neighborhood playground and nine out of ten times we’re the only family out walking or at the playground. We’ve been trying to hook up with other families that have kids the same age as ours and it’s darn-near impossible to do when you never see anyone else.

owlAfter the kids went to bed, I fired up the outdoor speakers and turned on some new agey/classical music and then CareerMom and I sat on the back porch in the glider and enjoyed a glass of Shiraz while watching the bats scarf up what few bugs are out this time of year. Just before it got dark, I got a shot of this fella (I do believe it’s a Spotted Owl)  perched on a tree branch over the creek waiting on some tasty night critter to come out. He’s bigger than he looks. He was about the size of a large hawk. Pretty cool huh?

Anyway, it was good to sit back and enjoy the weather. Sometimes in the hullabaloo that is life, it’s easy to forget what’s right outside your door. It’s also easy to lose sight of what’s right inside your door too.

I’ve got the best of both worlds. I’m pretty blessed.

2 thoughts on “Count your blessings, name them one by one…

  1. Rose

    Oh..I can not wait until it is warm enough after dinner to sit on our deck and enjoy a bottle of wine!!! We went for our first walk after dinner this week and met up with some neighbors we had not seen all winter. It was pushing 7pm and my daughter yelled “when are we going I am freezing my tushie off I can’t be out here forever!!” I forgot to put mittens on her and the temp was falling below 50 fast!! My son kept warm by riding his bike in circles while we chatted.

    RE: I love early spring and late fall, when the weather is just cool enough to need a blanket to sit outside. But then all too quickly, like today, the weather hits the 80s and from then on, I’d just as soon not go outside. Ugh!

  2. Well, come on up to bio-mom’s, Sugah! We’re having warmish 50-60 degree days and cool 40s nights.

    Great photo of the owl!

    And yes, it IS good to count your blessings. Smart man, you are..

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