"It seems my hypocrisy knows no bounds…"

DaddydaycareAs I admitted (gasp!) to CareerMom this weekend after she scolded me for saying, “Dammit!” in front of the boys, I’m not perfect. I drink a beer in front of them every now and then. I get annoyed when they keep asking the same, or similar, questions time after time. And OMG! When MLE starts crying in the car, I could scratch my nails down a chalkboard and find a happier place. I’m not perfect, I’ll freely admit it.

I am also, I’m discovering, a sexist and a hypocrite to boot!

See, despite my, “Hey, men are just as qualified as women to be child-care-givers,” attitude, I’m finding myself having a hard time accepting the fact that a man now runs our daycare facility.

What happened is, our daycare, which was previously run completely by three generations of women (they all worked there at the same time) has apparently made so much money off us parents that after only five short years, they are selling to a national chain of daycare centers (sounds like, “Grids R Grids”). We actually found out about this poorly kept secret this past weekend, and it was confirmed this morning as CareerMom greeted the new daycare owner, a man, in a wedding-reception-like gladhanding session as she dropped the kids off.

And I’m not too thrilled about this. I think part of it stems from the fact that another large chain of centers in our area (sounds like, “Snoddard School”) is also run by a man who just creeped the hell outta me each time I visited there; so much so that right after enrolling MLI after he was born, we pulled him out based almost entirely on the “creep vibe” the dude put out. So, I was already biased against men running daycare centers.

Call me crazy, but I can’t for the life of me, figure WHY a man would WANT to run a daycare center! I’m pretty sure that I lack several a gene that I consider prerequisites to caring for children over extended periods of time, such as:

  • the “sit on the floor and endure hours of monotony” gene
  • the “don’t react violently every time one of the kids swings something at crotch level” gene
  • the “fix three different really good things for lunch/dinner only to have them go and try to eat the dog food” tolerant gene

…and there are others I’m sure.

So here I am, finding myself railing against my kids going to a daycare run by a man, when some of the most well-adjusted men I know, are stay-at-home dads. Admittedly, running a daycare is probably more about project management than it is hands-on with the kids, but still…I can’t shake the bad feeling. I can’t shake the feeling that a man is more likely to cut corners if it’ll save a buck than a woman would.

See, hypocrite. That’s me.

What do you folks think?

4 thoughts on “"It seems my hypocrisy knows no bounds…"

  1. I’m not so sure I wouldn’t be in the same boat as you if a man were running the preschool where I take A2. I’m guessing though it would be more of management for him like you said but who knows maybe kids are his thing. We’ve got a children’s minister that does nothing but spend his days crawling around on the floor and entertaining kids all day everyday. He isn’t in charge of the feeding of the masses but he’s still a kid friendly sort of guy. I say man up and give him a shot.

    RE: You’re right! I’m totally projecting here and it’s not fair to this fella. I mean, similarly, I don’t like to wear a**less chaps to concerts, but some guys do and hey, more power to them. Course…I’d run the other way if I saw them even in normal clothes working the front desk at a daycare facility!

  2. I think it would depend completely on the person. If there was any kind of a creep vibe, I would be out of there…but that would apply to a woman running the show too. Our daycare is within walking distance of a university and we get a lot of college interns helping the teachers. Right now, there is one male intern. I have to admit, that I probably went through more of a pedophile assessment with him than I have with the female interns. Having passed by not seeming at all creepy or offering the kids candy, I really like him and so does the imp. I think I would be okay with a male running the daycare show.

    I couldn’t judge you for your gender bias…I prefer male to female bosses.

    RE: See, this is why I like you folks. I can put myself “out there” and you don’t judge! In fact, you generally seem to agree with me…hmm, which come to think of it, is probably why I feel free to put myself out there in the first place.
    Anyway, like I said earlier, as long as he stays up front and doesn’t try to get all “hands on” with the kids, I”ll be ok. I think that’s part of what reallly bothered me about the guy running the “Doddard School.” When we were visiting, he came into the toddler class and started playing and hugging on the kids, not HIS kids mind you, just kids. I’m all for my children getting attention, but I expect it from his class teachers, not the school administrator. Ugh!

  3. athomedaddy

    I would be out the door if the guy creeped me out, without apology. Dunno about the current situation, though.

    I am quiet sure that I would not work anywhere near a preschool except for the daughter being there at the same days/times.

    RE: I’m with you man! Give me women bosses and immature interns all day long. THAT I can handle, but not kids!

  4. Mamatomany

    You couldn’t PAY me to leave my kids with some random man! I’m sorry that it sounds sexist, but how often do you hear about woman sex offenders? Not that they don’t exist, but 9 times out of 10 it is men! You are right, WHY would a man even want to spend all day with a bunch of little kids who were not his own? How could the daycare just bait-and-switch on you and all the other parents without any warning like that? I wouldn’t be able to get out the door fast enough! Good luck!

    RE: I think a lot of people are in a bit of shock over the way this went down. Anyone who has kids (and all these women do who used to run the facility) know that they don’t tolerate change well, and parents don’t tolerate change well either where their kids are concerned! I’ve still yet to personally meet the guy, but we know about two other facilities he owns locally and they are not (were not) our first choice when it came down to where to put our kids, so I don’t see how he’ll do any different by this place. But we’ll see!

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