So smile a while, and give your face a rest…

black hole Did you know that the Lord is going to send a great famine across the U.S. and we’re all going to suffer like something out of an Egyptian plague?

Well, we are according to an e-mail my mom forwarded to me that was purportedly written by a well-respected Christian evangelist. (wait for it…)

This sounded pretty awful, and my first thought was, “Quick, run to the grocery store and start hoarding milk, water and toilet paper!”  A message like this makes one especially sensitive in light of the recent elections and the way many of us feel about our president-elect. But I’ve been around the Internet block for a while and know that a lot of these e-mail are nothing more than bunk. Oh, many of them have a grain of truth, but that’s about it.

Let me introduce you to a spammer’s worst enemy,

Thanks to Snopes, I was able to determine that the famine this person spoke about was in the context of a seminar she was giving, using the Egyptian plagues as a reference. So, grain of truth, blown completely out of proportion into a complete fabrication…and people like my mom bought it, hook, line and sinker.

And then sent it to everyone she knew.

I’m not sure which I hate worse; getting these e-mail from her all the time, or having to tell her that once again, she’s over-reacting and that God isn’t about to strike us all dead. I love her, but good Lord, couldja verify these things before passing them on?

I could go a couple of different ways with this:

  • Does God get involved anymore?


  • Some of the more interesting spam family have sent me

But, it’s my Anniversary today (our 9th) and I suspect that I should instead, hurry up and get my work done for the day so I can give my wonderful bride the attention she deserves.

So, have a wonderful day and keep an eye out towards the sky in case they get the Hadron Collider operational again ahead of schedule and open up that black hole that’s going to swallow the earth!

One thought on “So smile a while, and give your face a rest…

  1. Happy anniversary! Yep, better be nice to the wife. Guys like us probably couldn’t trick, beg, bribe (however it worked for you) another one into paying us attention.

    RE: Thanks! We actually got outta the house and away from the kids for a while. We weren’t quite sure what to do with ourselves, but we had a great time!

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