Picture Phone Phriday

Ever cognizant of my reader’s needs, I thought I’d post a shorter blog today rather than another behemoth outpouring of my soul such as what you’ve been privy to all week.

Thus, “Picture Phone Phriday” is born! Assuming I can take enough interesting pictures each week to make this work, I’ll try and devote Fridays to short, photo-based blogs.


bad toaster

This morning, the boys were both up by 6 a.m., thus I had plenty of time to get things ready, including their breakfasts for school. But, just as I was putting the final touches on breakfast, which included putting MLI’s Pop-Tart in the toaster for warming, it went down the side of the toaster chute and got stuck behind the little wire lifty tray thing. I tried flipping the toaster. I tried shaking the toaster. I even tried using two butter knives like little tongs, but alas, it wasn’t budging.

I’m my frustration, I might have flipped the toaster over and banged it on our very hard ceramic sink.

Oh, and of course, right after that, MLI smarted off. NOT the best day for that.


Now, based on the previous picture, you might think that I summarily strapped the kids in their car seats and took off like a bat out of hell, going 100mph down our little suburban roads.

While that would have been waaay cool, the truth is much less exciting. Our speedometer is broken. It’s been slowly getting that way for a couple of weeks, but now its baseline is 100mph at a dead stop.

Well, at least if I get stopped, I have an excuse. Looks like we’ll be “one car’ing” it again this weekend.


4 thoughts on “Picture Phone Phriday

  1. I love Friday’s but not when getting up even more early than usual…
    I had to be at the Cobb Galleria Centre this morning at 7am, so this means I had to leave my residence no later than 6:15am, thus waking up at 5:30am because im sorta slow in the mornings… takes me 35 min to get ready normally, but when it is early… *sigh* Anyway, glad you didn’t hit any unsuspecting idiot running this morning! LOL!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    RE: Nah, I’m a “blow up quick and get over it quick” kinda guy, esp. when it comes to my kids. That stricken, shocked look on their face when I blow my top softens me up pretty quick! So, I was back to normal when I got behind the wheel.

  2. That’s craptastic ( to borrow a fellow blogger’s word)! I love the speedometer reading!! How exactly did you break it? Did you have to actually GO 100 mph to do that? Hmmm? Tell mom the truth now. You were, weren’t you? 🙂

    RE: Nah, it slowly kept stuck (or rather baselined) at a higher speed. So, when it baselined at 20MPH, when you were really going 40MPH it said you were doing 60. Then it got baselined at 60MPH on my way to daycare this morning and then by the time I got home, even sitting still it was saying “105MPH”.

    I was absolutely craptastic!

  3. See… Count your lucky stars! If I would have banged the toaster on the granite counter top, the granite would have cracked, and cost a kings ransom to repair or replace!

    Your reply to Ed’s comment… I’m the exact same way… I tend to go all Kilauea on them, but cool down right quick once I see the looks they are giving me back…

    RE: I’m pretty sure I can rubber mallet that dent out of it. Course…it might take me six months before I get around to it. It’s not gonna be high on my “Honey Do” list!

  4. kaylee

    Hey-now. I read your reply on your last post to me. I swear I am not trying to spam you! I am a real person ask your mom I read her blog anyway dont you just hate those kind pof days? when your days start off crappy? anyway hope your weekend is good!

    RE: No offense meant. It’s just that sometimes those short comments like that are people trying to spam you. But, right after I put that in there, I was perusing Trisha’s site and saw that you’d commented, so CONGRATS! You’re REAL! HA HA!

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