To my next-door neighbor, I’m sorry for doubting you.

ugly hybrid  My next-door neighbor, let’s call him “Bill” since, well, that’s his name. Bill is getting on up there. I mean, the guy has to be nearing sixty. He has a son who started high school this year. His wife works out of town a lot and he’s retired, so he spends a lot of time by himself. Bill is a tad quirky, but there’s absolutely no way he’ll ever find my blog so I feel pretty safe writing about him.

Recently, Bill purchased himself one of these little Honda convertible sports cars. It’s not new, but it’s very similar to the new S2000. Anyway, the point is, it’s a sports car. And he’s almost 60. So, every time I see him backing the thing out of his driveway, I’m saying, “There goes Bill’s mid-life mobile.” In my head. (credit goes to comedian Bobby Collins)

See, I’ve never really gotten the whole mid-life-crisis car purchase. It just seemed a tad…dumb.


As I mentioned, CareerMom’s speedometer went out in her car last week and since there are apparently very stringent rules on who can fix speedometers here in Georgia, we had to leave it in the shop for a few days while they order new parts. In return, we got a Dodge Charger as a rental. That’s the V6, 3.5L 368HP Dodge Charger gentlemen.

Now I understand the mid-life-crisis car purchase!

After having driven underpowered mini-SUVs and pickup trucks for nigh on the last ten years, I’d forgotten how much fun a REAL car can be. It’s like a drug. I sit behind the wheel of this thing, with my new blue-tinted sunglasses on and my hair gelled just perfectly, and it’s like I’m 18 again.

I was able to take the car out a couple of times this weekend for short trips (once to the grocery store – woo wee! and once to the mall) and each time I did, I felt like a completely different person. I didn’t feel like the guy who’d changed three super-nasty poopy diapers that day. I didn’t feel like the guy who has a nice chunk of “rainy day cash” in his checking account and who, rather than buying himself a new HDTV will probably end up spending it on “something for the house.”
No, for about an hour this weekend, I was a MAN again.

Yeah, I said it! Without the kids, driving this cool car, I felt like a REAL MAN! And ooooooh, it felt good.

Today, they are supposed to get the new speedometer in and then CareerMom will go pick up her Taurus wagon thing. It’s not bad. But it’s no Dodge Charger “police version” super-stud mobile.

I’m sorry Bill. Me and you…simpatico my friend.

4 thoughts on “To my next-door neighbor, I’m sorry for doubting you.

  1. Ain’t it the truth?!!!!!

    I have been driving the same old 10-year-old Subaru Forester for 91,000 miles and was completely OK with it till I drove the boyfriend’s Mazda Miata one day. Damn the practicality of 4-wheel or all-wheel drive. I wanna race with the wind with the convertible top down, dammit!

    Glad you had a thrill. So when will your NEW car be delivered? 🙂

    RE: Well, considering I prolly won’t get a NEW car for another 4-5 years, it’s probably still in concept car phase :!) BTW: Carolyn just bought a convertible SAAB. And how old is she?

  2. maybe Bill will let you take his new “baby” out for a spin!

    RE: I dunno. Isn’t that like playing another man’s axe? But, CareerMom’s car still isn’t ready today so I got to drive it on the way to picking the boys up from daycare. I still haven’t had a chance to really kick it, but man I’ve wanted to!

  3. Thankfully – I have yet to hit that phase..

    I came close once…. I had 2k saved up, and went out and got my motorcycle learners permit, signed up for the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Course, and was all ready to go out and buy a motorcycle…


    Mother of five told me we were expecting #4…


    Money went into the bank to cover her staying home another couple of years. Motorcycle Safety Class canceled, and the dreams of being an easy rider were dashed…

    Hey, I still have the (never used) helmet in my (three car) garage somewhere…

    RE: Oh man that’s rough! Does she know, or have you been a saint and kept the whole thing a secret?

  4. When the Dodge Chargers first went on the market we talked about how my very first car was a 1971 red — Dodge Charger! I was 16 driving 100 mph down country roads in 1976 — thank God my own children are more intelligent. (By the way, when you call your neighbor old and say he must be pushing 60 I think of my 58-year old husband and suddenly feel very defensive:) Just wait . . .

    Anyway, my husband kept talking about the Chargers and finally I said, “Let’s go test drive one.” He said, “They’re too expensive.” I said, “When are you ever going to get what YOU want?” He bought it. Blue.

    So guess who drives the Charger every day? I do:) God is good – lol. I thought ours was a V-8, though. Is there such a thing? Whichever is the high-powered one. Clearly I am not deserving of my good fortune, except for the part where I blow past every other car on the road with an 11-year old as my wingman.

    You only live once, but it’s a good life if you’re lucky enough to own TWO Chargers in it:) The only problem is I love it so much it keeps my OCD kicking — I refuse to park anywhere that dings are possible, which means we walk no matter what. It’s totally worth it.

    RE: CareerMom’s youngest sister (19 years old) thinks we 35-year-old are ancient. So, it’s all relative! I miss the Charger. It was very fun!

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