Playdate Follow Up

pit children Since so many people have asked (like 3!), I thought I’d offer a follow up post to my “family affair” playdate this past Sunday.

Let me start with a free form word/thought association as the 2 hour playdate carried out:

  • Man, steep hill. Hope I can get the car back down
  • Whoa, flat backyard. Nice
  • Hi, good to see you. Thanks for the invite
  • Hmm, house layout is similar to ours
  • Man, a Sunroom?
  • Man, two fireplaces?
  • Man, a finished basement?
  • Damn, nice bar!
  • Dude, that’s gotta be at least $3,000 in top shelf liquor!
  • Man, this is a really nice place. Makes ours feel kinds smallish
  • (lightbulb coming on in head) You sold your house in Vinings for $700K? No wonder you can afford all the work you’ve done on this place!
  • Where are the kids?
  • Sure, I’ll take a Corona!
  • No really, we can’t stay too long.
  • Of course you have a Wii already? Doesn’t everyone EXCEPT my kids?
  • Um, spoiled much?
  • You’re fifty? Dang!
  • I smell poopy diapers.
  • Best get going.
  • Thanks again.
  • I can’t see a damn thing backing down this hill. I hope I don’t hit her green designer Target lawn bags!

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. We had a good time, and cut the playdate at about 2 hours right when the dad was talking about lighting up the firepit outside. I’m not sure how they saw the evening playing out, but we left at 5 p.m. Any longer and we’d have been cutting into dinner and baths and such and to my knowledge, there was no invitation to dinner.

Maybe it’s just me, but do you ever get the feeling when you meet new people that you’re being sized up as a couple for a potential “swingers party” invitation? While I’m not interested (much), I would like to think that CareerMom and I would be at the top of any swinger’s party list because we’re just THAT good looking. Much like, I’m not gay, but I would probably get all offended if gay men didn’t think I was boyfriend material (does that make me gay?).

People are funny though. CareerMom and I were both taken aback by their house, and their stories of yearly “Adult Only” trips, because one of the first times we met the mom, she was complaining about her daughter wanting a jumpy thing at her birthday party and the mom was saying how she wasn’t going to spend $50 on it.

I guess it just comes down to priorities. If it made my kid happy, I’d forgo the vacation to Aruba so I could splurge on his birthday party.

Anyway, it was good to meet new folks and their son is definitely good friend material, so time well spent.

Hey, in case I don’t talk to any of you before Thursday, have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

7 thoughts on “Playdate Follow Up

  1. Oh the forced small-talk… gotta love it.

    In your head you are thinkin… damn.. I wanna go home!!!!!!!!!!!

    700K in Vinings.. yah… what is his job?!

    It always sucks to walk into a home that is nicer than your own..
    I hate it… always makes me feel like an uber-underachiever!

    As long as your kids get along..

    HAHAHA Swingers.. have you ever heard of BridgeMill subdivison? LOL!
    (Yah, I live there… )

  2. I love the free form word/thought association. My whole desire in life is to read other people’s minds and this is like a freebie:) Especially enjoyable when it’s clear that other people think the same crap that I do. Who leaves their kids at home when they go on adult vacations? SWINGERS, that’s who! LOL One of my friends has been approached more than once & it’s funny cause she’s not the type at all, except she drinks & complains about her husband a lot, two definite necessities in that realm. I love her stories, except for the part where she forgets stuff and I want every single detail from freakdom.

    RE: Yeah, I mean, I’d LOVE to take an adult vacation; even if it’s a completely, non-Hedonism vacation, but it ain’t happenin! But yeah, when it comes to freaky sexual stuff, don’t leave out a single detail!

  3. Ok… Now that is WAY too weird..

    Whenever we get new neighbors moving in, and for the first couple of months – all sorts of cars are coming and going (many spend the night)… The FIRST THING that pops into my mind is also “Swingers”… I have no idea how or why… It only makes sense that people want to share their new home with friends and family – some having come from further away – and will spend the night.

    We had one set of neighbors that moved in just after we did (circa 2000), and have recently moved – Never got to know them too well… Younger couple – Quiet – Kept to themselves (even more than I do) – and only just in the past year have had children. They were from the other end of the state, and from a neighboring state – so they had FREQUENT guest… College aged (they bought the house right out of college).

    Until they moved out (less than a year ago) – I would still think “swingers” each time I walked by their house..

    RE: You just never know about people! Wouldn’t you just LOVE to be a fly on the wall just once? I think “invisibility” would be the BEST super power. Flying would be nice too, but the power you could wield when you had the dirt on folks…that’s pretty much unbeatable!

  4. Whoa, whoa, whoa. What just happened? Did you just speculate about wanted to be evaluated as good candidates to move to Swingtown? Sometimes your posts meander to different areas, but I think you reached a new level here.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    RE: Meander? Thats “Postulating!”
    ANyway, the only part of me that’s curious about Swinging, is just to be a voyeur. I wouldn’t want to actually be involved. You can’t tell me that if a bunch of your neighbors–people you know–were swingers, that you wouldn’t be a little bit curious about what went on?

  5. romi41

    hahahaha….that was great word association…..and a fire-pit…yowzers! 😉

    PS: it is SO not gay to want to be good “boyfriend” material…like half my self-esteem is derived from whether lesbians think I’m attractive or not 😉

    RE: Oh good, because even as we speak, I am enjoying the feel of my new “flat front pant” when I could just as easily be wearing jeans! I was afraid perhaps I was leaning towards the dark side!

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