Picture Phone Phriday!

Being something of a writer professionally, I am ever cognizant of spelling and grammar mistakes, though I make plenty of them myself. And while I’m not the kind of person to write back to a friend and tell them that their e-mail construction was so poor that it made my eyes bleed, I’m not so understanding when I see highly visible mistakes in the general public. Because there should be people, like myself, proofing things before giant, life-sized posters are made of them.

Anyway, as we were returning from our Christmas tree chopping-down last weekend, CareerMom asked if we could drive through Sonic and get drinks (she loves their crushed ice drinks), to which I heartily agreed. So, I pulled around, passing all the little pull in slots since we weren’t going to stop and drink the beverages there, and as I pulled up to the drive-through ordering thingy, I saw this:


Please use the Stales

What the heck are “Stales?”

I sat there, perplexed, for about 15 seconds until a teenage girl walked out and said, “Hi, I’m sorry. The drive through isn’t working. Could you please use the stalls?


Of course, I had to point out to her that I was unfamiliar with “Stales,” prompting a blushed admission, “Oh, I guess I misspelled it.” *nervous giggle*

I know, I should cut a kid a break, but the girl was at least 17 and should know better.

Kids today, please stay in school and pay better attention!

4 thoughts on “Picture Phone Phriday!

  1. I looked at the picture before I read your blog…
    I was like…

    Please use the what?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All you can say is what we say here in the south…

    “Bless their heart…”

    Happy Friday!

    RE: I did enjoy my Friday. Mostly did…nothing! HA HA!

  2. Oooo, that sort of thing always makes me crazy!!! Too darn bad if she was embarrassed! Maybe her manager will check her work from now on or assign someone with a brain to make up the signs.

    RE: I also wondered if they didn’t just close the drive thru to try and drum up more tips from having to walk their lazy teenage butts out to the “stalls.”

  3. I was recently in an outlet store when I had to use the restroom. Taped to the door inside the stall was a sign that said, “Please flush the toliet!!!” It was hand-written. On a whim, I peeked inside each of the other two stalls (nobody else was in there, of course) and saw the same signs (hand-written, so not just a typo or something) on each of them. I guess the poor person who put the signs up was so upset with people forgetting to flush that he/she forgot how to spell?

    RE: Toliet? Sounds French! Like, “Fra-jeelay”

  4. How in the hell would you ever possibly figure that one out on your own? First off, I don’t even consider them “stalls,” which is a bathroom or horse barn reference. Then I could maybe see “stolls” but “stales”? Come on . . . But they do have fantastic krushd ise:)

    RE: Yes, their Krushd eyes is great! It’s funny you said that about stalls, because even after she told me “stalls,” I still sat there with a blank look on my face until she explained it. Yeah, “stalls” is not the term I’d use to describe anything where people go to get food.
    I dunno…maybe that’s just me!

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