It’s almost a new year. And that ain’t no bull!

chinese calendar I suppose with the pending new year, I should be thinking about how I plan to better myself in the coming months. This is difficult for me, but not because I think I’m perfect; but more because I’m simply not sure where to start. I am aware of at least three areas of my life where significant changes should/could be made, and none of them are easy for me.

For instance, I know I should make more time for the spiritual things in my life, but that’s so BORING!

I know I should try to be more patient with the kids and not fly off the handle when I’m trying to talk to CareerMom and MLI interrupts umpteen times just to tell me that at Daycare today, he and his little friend played with the Hot Wheels cars.

And I know, I know, I know, I should take a more active role in finding time to spend alone with CareerMom outside of the house, but I hate to be the creepy old man calling up teenage girls begging them to come over to my house and babysit. Plus, date nights are expensive!

But 2009 is the year of the OX in the Chinese Calendar, which portends potentially good things for me since, astrologically, I’m a taurus. I think Bulls and Oxen are fairly similar. For instance, in the Chinese Calendar, the Ox has the following characteristics (which I think I also have):

  • dependable
  • innate ability to achieve great things (yeah, that’s me…Mr. Great Things Achiever!)
  • process oriented
  • goal oriented
  • tireless workers
  • detail oriented (AKA: Anal)

Sounds great right? The glue that holds the world together.

But wait, there’s more…a more darker side that is. Oxen are also:

  • too stern
  • not terribly social
  • introverted in a crowd
  • not concerned with what others think and therefore often considered haughty
  • stubborn
  • dogmatic
  • my-way or the highway types

What a fun bunch we are. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, my actual birth year (1973) was also an “Ox” year.

So really, I’m optimistic. Despite my many proclivities towards being a surly, mean bastard, this could actually be my year!

3 thoughts on “It’s almost a new year. And that ain’t no bull!

  1. The New Year is always an opportunity to try and “better yourself.”

    I have been working out for the past…umm three days and hope to keep it up throughout the year… wish me luck.

    I am sure if you have a few goals you will stick to atleast one of them.

    And, regarding the “cutting of the cord” you are right… to each their own, although, I plan on staying near “the top” pretty much the entire time and just comin around to make the “snip.”

    I don’t want to peek… b/c I may… inevitably pass out. lol

    1. dobeman

      Now there’s one area in which I do have some expertise. I’ve been hitting the gym for nearly 15 years now. I may not be able to get you to the Schwarzeneggar Classic, but I can certainly guide you in your efforts to NOT seriously injur yourself!

      Good luck w/it man and be careful. It becomes addictive!

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