Don’t read this if you’re in a good mood

weights It’s a new year (almost) and I swear my mood is not improving. There are some things going on that don’t help, but even the little things that should make me happy, are driving me nutz!

For one, after the “Season of Splurge” as I like to call Christmas, I was really looking forward to getting back in the gym and dropping a couple of pounds. But wouldn’t you know it, on Thursday of last week, I had just started my workout and went to turn on my MP3 player so I could tune out the outside noise and the darn thing just froze up. Nothing I could do fixed it. In the end, I had to toss it. I can exercise without my music, but I can’t run, which is what really helps me shed the pounds.

In a panic, I went to Fry’s electronics the next day and selected an MP3 player from their depleted stock. Got it home and loaded it up and headed to the gym. Turns out, the darn thing had no “sort” function, so all my songs played in alphabetical order, with each band’s songs right after each other. The little unit also would not turn up the music very loud either. Apparently, like seatbelt and helmet laws, they are trying to protect me from myself.

No thank you…I’m doin’ just fine!

So I have now ordered another MP3 player online, after verifying the features I want and I’m waiting on it to come in.

Meanwhile, the “I got a gym membership for Christmas” crowd has shown up and it’s like the blind leading the friggin’ blind.

Clueless 50-year olds literally wandering around the gym with their headsets on doing nothing but taking up space. Add to it the people who occupy a bench that has a particular use (such as the benchpress) for nothing more than a place to sit while they are doing ab twists, and I’m literally about ready to scream!

Despite a supposed drought, we’ve gotten so much rain the last few months that I can’t do anything to repair my backyard where the rain has washed out some of my new landscaping and it’s really cold to boot.

I dunno, I’m feeling very cosmically dumped on right now and I don’t see things improving in the near future.

Thriving Ivory’s lyrics keep running through my head, “…if I can’t see the sun, maybe I should go.”

Don’t worry, I’m speaking metaphorically here. (too bad Xanax makes you gain weight…)
Send me some good news, a joke, nude pictures of Bee Arthur…anything! I just need to cheer up!

6 thoughts on “Don’t read this if you’re in a good mood

  1. What MP3 player did you end up with?

    Over a year ago I bought a refurbished Sansa E260 (LINK).

    I think I paid $39.00 or something similar… and have been VERY PLEASED with it. In fact, It does more than #1 of 5’s iPod nanno. Video, MP3, FM, Record off of FM, Voice recorder, Photos, and a micro SD card for up to an additional 2GB of files (swappable… So if you felt like classic instead of metal – slap the “classical” SD card in..

    It sorts by all the same categories that the iPod does (album, artist, genere, etc…) and the battery has been impressive in it’s capabilities…

    Do a google search and you are bound to find one refurbished! I even bought one for a friend last Christmas… He too LOVES it!!

    As far as Bea Arthur goes… I’m keeping all my pics… You have to find your own!!!

    1. dobeman

      The first piece of junk I bought was a “Coby” brand thing. I should have known. Coby is not synonymous with “quality” in my experience.
      Thus, I ended up with a Sansa Fuze.
      For all sorts of reasons (political, preferential, financial), I do no buy Apple products. I have an iPod in my truck console that I never use. Someone gave it to me. And like you said, for the price, you can get much better items for a heckuva lot cheaper!

  2. I’m waiting for the New Year’s resolutions gym crowd. Ugh. Of course, I’ll be in NYC all next week, so by the time I get back they’ll probably be done with their new fitness kick.

    1. dobeman

      You won’t miss fighting them. It’s a real joy. I was doing walking lunges and on my very last one, I was bent down in a full lunge and this overweight truck with his headphones on, just steps in front of me with his back to me. From my semi-fallen position I said, “Excuse Me.” Then, slightly louder, “Excuse Me!” until finally, “HEY BUDDY! EXCUSE ME!
      He finally heard and moved.

  3. I just think you have a Christmas hangover. It takes a while to recover from the extravaganza. I love the new picture, by the way. Forget Bea Arthur, your wife is beautiful:) The adorable one you call MLI looks so much like you, but then I’m sure you’ve heard that a gazillion times. What a smile:)

    My suggestion in the gym: eat beans & sugar-free products. You can then score a direct hit toward anyone who annoys you. Payback is so comforting.

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