Picture Phone Phriday – I’ll cut you!

Kids all handle fear in different ways. When I was young, at night I would completely cover my body with my sheets for fear that whatever was not covered, would get chopped off by some axe-wielding monster. I have no idea where this fear came from, but it also prompted me to attempt world-record breaking sprinting attempts from my light switch to my bed.

I must have been fast since I still have all of my appendages.

My oldest son, whom I’ve affectionately, if perhaps prematurely, labeled “My little Introvert,” seems to have his own method of handling the night-time boogeyman. And while I’m a little fearful of what this might mean in the future, right now, I applaud his audacity:

(I’m adding blank space so you don’t see it before you read the intro)


Defense: Ninja Turtle Style!

7 thoughts on “Picture Phone Phriday – I’ll cut you!

  1. Too funny! I, too, did the bed dive, therefore keeping my ankles away from the empty space under the bed. I was pretty sure that was where Charles Manson might be waiting. Your son is a genius.

  2. You get that from me. When I was a little kid I slept with a heavy quilt tucked way up close to my chin. I almost covered my head with it but the rule was: no part of my body could be over the edge of the mattress or exposed lest the boogeyman get me.

    What you must realize is that I was living in Central Florida where the average temp was 80 degrees!!!!!!

    Poor wonderful, brave, little MLI. I love hime SO much for that image. You have no idea what that did to my heart.

    1. dobeman

      Yeah, there’s more to the boy than at first glance. Especially when you get him off away from MLE and you can really talk to him. I need to do that more…

    1. dobeman

      Yep, good eye. It’s a little plastic thing. He also has the sword to go along with it, but I guess that won’t fit under his pillow. I would imagine that if one were to go and try to swing a sword at a boogeyman, it would get caught in the sheets. For close work, the experts tell me a small knife can’t be beat!

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