It was good while it lasted…

koozaHa! Fake, Airbrushed Abs!

CareerMom’s gone on a two-day business trip. I HAVE to get some work done today so I took both the boys to Daycare despite my inability to tell whether MLE is still feeling poorly, or whether he just got spoiled being home for four days having his every whim catered to, and was just trying to pull one over on the daycare lady this morning. To look at him, his face is still all splotchy and there are at least two bags under each eye. However, he’s been a lot more playful and happy since yesterday afternoon, so I’m chancing it. Oh wait, did I tell you all that he has “Scarlet Fever?”

It’s sounds scarier than it really is. Basically, it’s a reaction to a virus and in his case, the reaction was an all-over body rash for which there is no treatment. I have been told this all three times that I have spoken to and/or seen a doctor in the last 5 days. They had better be right or I’ll be bustin’ some caps!

Also, CareerMom took my wallet with her by accident so I have no money to spend for the next 48 hours, which means the “easy night at Chick-fil-A” that I had planned…yeah, not so much now.

But, it’s not all bad; despite MLE’s peckish health this weekend, CareerMom and I were determined to make good on the $90 apiece tickets she got me this Christmas for Cirque-du-Solei’s presentation of “Kooza” here in Atlanta on Saturday. And would you believe that for that price, we were all the way on the back row?

In-friggin-credible! By the way, it was jam-packed, so apparently, the recession isn’t adversely affecting entertainment expenses.

But the show, as always, was a feast for the senses. This was my third Cirque show and each one is a delight. Set in a large tent, not unlike an actual circus, a large stage dominates about 1/3 of the area. Lights and cameras are strung around and throughout the arena, bringing an unearthly feeling to the story. If you’ve never been to a Cirque show, then you’re missing out. Each one has a story behind it. Kooza is about a boy who wakes up in a strange land and meets unusual and interesting people. The first half of the show is the “light” side with acrobats and theatrics in gold and glimmer. The second half is the “dark” side dominated by performers in black skin-tight skeleton costumes all huddled around the Grim Reaper. And it is this second half that has the most impressive performances. Most notable being two men who do death-defying stunts from within and outside a contraption that looks like two hamster wheels connected by steel rods. Did I mention these wheels rotate in a 360 turn up as high as 40 feet in the air while the men literally leap into a free fall, ultimately catching back onto the wheel as it arcs towards the ground? But I must admit that my favorite part of the show is, surprisingly, the comedians who fill the spaces between the performances. They keep to the storyline, but their theatrics are hilarious.

WARNING: SPOILER: The funniest moment in this show was when a leisure-suit clad actor brought a well-dressed man from the audience up on stage and in the act of talking to him and getting to know him, the comedian proceeded to rip the guy off! He stole his watch, his wallet, even his tie, and the guy never even knew it!


Unfortunately, due to my sitting behind the largest man in the free world, I completely missed the first 15 minutes, which consisted of three exquisitely attired female contortionists doing things on a raised platform that brought a round of applause every 20 seconds. Yeah, I missed that whole part. Luckily, CareerMom and I figured out a way for me to sit so that I could see around “The Neck” and also luckily, he sat elsewhere for the second half.

After the show, we had dinner out and were still home by 9:30. So really, a great “Adult Night” out.

What did you do this weekend?

4 thoughts on “It was good while it lasted…

    1. dobeman

      HA HA! Yeah, saw that this morning and for a minute there while reading it, I thought you were going to say that you had to cut the boot off your foot! Hope if feels better soon.
      Remember me blogging about slipping on my freshly mopped floor and torquing my foot? Well, it was all feeling better and then I stepped wrong the other day. Ah well, my foot and your ankle will probably bugger us for some time.

  1. We saw Mystere at Treasure Island in Vegas. It was AWESOME.

    And that’s saying something coming from me because I have a general distaste for anything resembling theater. It was worth more than the $90 ticket.

    We took the kids to the museum and had homemade sushi made by real, live Japanese person. It was unreal.

  2. We had our final “Christmas” at the Mother and Father to the Father of Five’s house!

    I gotta be honest… Being that far out past the acutual holiday, made it SO MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE!!!

    It was Christmas, yet it was not Christmas. We spent the better part of the whole day there. Relaxing, having fun family time, played BINGO, dinner, and gift exchange.

    It really was one of the better Christmas experiences I have had recently… Because it was so laid back…

    RE: I suspect that your knowing just how many whackos are out there, has something to do with your aversion!
    Hmmm, Christmas AFTER Christmas. Not a bad idea. And probably a good way to get some great gifts on the cheap. Once again, FOF IS A GENIUS!

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