Picture Phone Phriday!

01-13-09_0806 MLI brought this little booklet home from pre-K, and I swear, every time I see it, I chuckle a little on the inside.

Yes, I’m 35.

No, I’m not completely a grown up yet.

Clearly, I’ve looked at been exposed to too much online porn!

And since I used “online porn” in this post, it is surely to be my highest viewed one to date.

That’s kinda sad.

8 thoughts on “Picture Phone Phriday!

  1. And by the way…I’ve been patient but… how come I am not on your blogroll, mister? !!!

    RE: Mostly because I wasn’t sure you really wanted me reading your blog (even though I do). So, I didn’t know if a link was appropo.

  2. What post? I don’t see this post. Nothing here. Lalalalala…

    RE: You don’t stand a chance. I happen to know it’s at least 50-50 odds that you suffer from the same mental maladies!

  3. HAHAHAHA……HAHAHAHAH….no wait….HAHHAHAHA….you’re a little sickie with a heart of gold, and that’s why this blog rocks 😉

    RE: That or either I’ve hit a new low. Only time will tell 🙂

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