Do you see that you’re wasting my time?

image I sit at a computer all day and work. That’s my job. Sometimes I think that maybe it would be fun to be outdoors working, but then I have to dig a 10-ft drain line in the back of my house and I realize what a crap-job that must be, day in and day out, and then I’m grateful that I can work on my butt, in climate control 365 a year.

Lately, I’ve been getting little headaches while working. This happened a few years ago, which prompted my first set of eyeglasses. The prescription is really minor, but it helps immensely. Thinking perhaps it was time for a checkup, I made an appointment with my eye doctor.

I walked in one afternoon last week and strolled up to the front desk. There was a lady sitting there who gave me the vaguest of glances and went back to what she was doing. No stranger to this “appointment” process, I signed my name and went and sat down, assuming that someone would call me to come fill out some paperwork.

There were a few other people waiting and in a few minutes a very young girl came out to wait with them, and then was taken back again to have her eyes dilated.

Still I waited.

After about ten minutes, a lady walked in the front door. I knew her from a place called “Massage Envy.” Last Christmas (2007), CareerMom signed me up for a “Massage a Month” with this place. What you do is, join their little service thingy, and for $50 per month, you get a massage. It’s still expensive, but when you consider a massage elsewhere runs $65-$80, it’s not so bad. Anyway, I had several problems with appointments there; the last being that I had walked in–much as I’d done here at the eye doctor–signed in and then sat there for 25 minutes before finally asking, “Hey, where’s my masseuse?” Turns out, they’d just forgotten I was sitting there, which was funny considering they could all see me. They tried to get me to come on back, but I made up some story about how they’d completely fu-barred up my schedule and how I didn’t have time now! It was the point of the thing by then see.

So yeah, I showed my ass a little that day.

Anyway, the lady working the massage place that day, was the one who had just walked into my eye doctor’s office. She signed in and within minutes was taken back, helped, and sent on her way.

After about 25 minutes, I finally got up and walked to the front desk and asked, “How far behind are we running today?” This brought a questioning glance from another lady who asked if I’d signed in. I picked up the sign in sheet, pointed to my name, which by the way, was the last one on the sheet, and said, “Yep. Says so right here.”

Turns out, they too had “forgotten” I was sitting there.

So yeah, I showed my ass a little that day…too.

But I tell ya what, the next time this lady from the massage place shows up ANYWHERE else that I’m at, I’m leaving immediately because her being there at the same time can only mean that I’m about waste at least 20 minutes of my life.

Should I be more assertive? HA HA HA HA!

By the way, I did need new glasses. So, here’s to aging!

6 thoughts on “Do you see that you’re wasting my time?

  1. I have been to massage envy..
    is that the one on barrett pkwy?
    anyway, I went and I honestly felt more than violated! lol

    If I feel I am being overlooked… I always go up to the desk and say “hey, umm… I’m still here!” And then I show my ass a little too! HAHAH

    RE: I haven’t been to that one. They are actually a chain, so they’re all spread out. The masseusse’s (sp?) aren’t bad really. Like any other place (Spa Sidell included), there’s good ones and bad ones. There’s this one though, who is fantastic near us. She puts me to sleep it’s so good! I actually quit asking for her because, I mean, I really want to feel the massage and if I’m asleep, then it’s kinda a waste! PLus, she says I talk when I sleep and I just can’t have that in public.

  2. Maybe you should wear strong cologne or stinky gym clothes to your appointments…or make funny belching sounds. Try letting them forget that.

    RE: I may show my butt on occasion, but I do have my masculine, star-studded reputation to protect!

  3. Did you mean you showed up without an appointment? Cause if you did, I’d ignore you too! 😛

    RE: Oh heck no! I had a 4 p.m. appt. This is Atlanta. You don’t do anything here without an appt. Course…not that this helps you get things done in a timely fashion…obviously!

  4. All I can say is you’re definitely and infinitely more patient (and kinder) than me. I would have thrown a hissy fit five minutes into my waiting time and then probably reported them to the eye doctor authorities just for spite. Then, I would have turned around and sent them a bill for my valuable time.

    RE: See, I SO wouldn’t have thought that about you. Anyone who bakes like you do, can’t be bad!

  5. Oops, sorry. You wrote that you had “walked in” and I figured you meant like a walk-in type deal. If that were the case I would have been annoyed for them, but since you had an appointment I am annoyed for you. I hate people wasting my time!

  6. Uhh… baking? Me? I think you confused me with the first Allison up there. This is the Allison (down here) that always lurks but has finally decided it’s time to come out of hiding. Maybe I should be Allison #2. No, wait, make that #1. I do have a mean streak.

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