Picture Phone Phriday!

I know that, as a general rule, you should never say NEVER, but at this point in my life, such a thing surely seems highly unlikely.

Why I will never own one of these little hybrid things (I barely got the box of Huggies and the 50-pack of paper towels in my truck yesterday!):

I took this picture:


    In this parking lot:


5 thoughts on “Picture Phone Phriday!

  1. That is one bright lil car…

    otherwise, no comment.

    RE: Dude…you don’t own one of these do you? Cuz if you do, we might have to revoke your “man” card! Come on…fess up!

  2. hahaha…well I only go into CostCo for the free samples, so maybe that could work, hahaha 😉

    RE: It’s not the hot, older gentlemen passing out the FREE samples is it?

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