Cosmic Justice?

Wow! Posting my Swan Song garnered as many comments as any post about deviant sex ever could have!!

But, you’re right. I can’t stop. And taking the pressure off of “needing” to post everyday, makes it easier. I need to just embrace the fact that not even Jim Butcher can write a super-novel every day, and then just move on with life.

Here goes…(and I take no responsibility for the quality of said content):

image Harken back to this time about two weeks ago.

I woke up on Wednesday morning with a scratchy throat. Being a victim of “chronic sinusitis,” I knew that this could mean only one thing. And when coupled with the acne that had popped up like some greasy teenager with raging hormones, I immediately started doing the sinus flush in hopes of preventing any further infection.

Didn’t work.

I flew up to TrishaTruly’s place where I languished in lethargic agony for nigh on three days.

On Friday, CareerMom is flying to Charleston for the weekend to meet up (hook up with? NAH!) an old high school friend of hers. Both ladies have children of their own and they haven’t seen each other since our wedding almost ten years ago. When this begin percolating in their heads, CareerMom wasn’t aware that she was pregnant and I’m sure the last thing she wanted, was to appear 5 months pregnant in her elasti-pants in front of a girl whom she shared a college dorm room with and with whom she fought against for the affections of young college studs out at Texas back in the 90s.

C’est la vie!

Yeah, I’m a wee bit jealous. My trip was up to the freezing tundra (aka: Scranton, PA) while hers is out to the relatively warm spring climate of Charleston where there is sure to be fine dining and pedicures.


This morning, the alarm went off at 5:30 a.m. I flipped over and slapped the “snooze” button so as not to have to listen to Steve and Vickie any longer than necessary, and CareerMom mumbles, “I have a sore throat.”


2 thoughts on “Cosmic Justice?

  1. Not funny but …….. BWAAAAHAHHAAAA!!!! (((holds sides laughing)))

    Gawd, we’re mean!

    RE: I know…I really don’t want her to be sick, but it’s just ironic that we she too seems to be getting ill on the eve of her big break!

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