On the bright side, I don’t have any gray hair anymore…(cuz I pulled it all out!)

boys jumping

Thoughts from this weekend with my two sons:

  • Any softening I have had about how this third child wouldn’t be THAT much bigger a deal, was completely blown out of the water after this weekend. There will be no–let me repeat, absolutely zero–“girls weekends away” when we have three kids. And CareerMom’s traveling schedule is going to seriously have to be re-evaluated, or else the in-laws are going to need to be proactively involved!
  • Give a kid a toy, and he’ll play for five minutes. Ignore a kid for five minutes and everything’s a toy.
  • Boxes of tissues hold infinite amounts of interest for toddlers.
  • Boys only learn by one method, the rod (aka: the switch). Asking nicely doesn’t work. Asking forcefully doesn’t work. Even yelling goes in one ear and out the other and only makes you–the parent–feel like a complete a-hole. Nope, spank ’em and move on.
  • When they wanna be sweet, they can melt your heart. The other 98% of the time, you just want to smash a pile of bricks with your forehead.
  • For anyone out there who may be saying to themselves, “Uh huh, it’s not so easy is it. Now you know what CareerMom had to go through two weeks ago” I submit the following facts:
    • Fact 1: She only had them one full day. The other days were “take ’em to daycare” days.
    • Fact 2: She had nice weather and could take them outside. I had severe thunderstorms and bitter cold.
    • Fact 3: When the going gets tough, the tough take them over to their mom’s house where there is a sister with a daughter to play with
  • I’ve completely run out of junk food-groups to feed them. I’ve done pizza, spaghetti, corn dogs (actually, I grabbed the “sausage dogs” by accident“), what is left?
  • Going and getting a band-aid every 30 minutes is driving me friggin’ nutz. And I’m not even the one getting them!
  • Honestly, I can’t keep up with the messes. Oh, and while vacuuming today, the vacuum belt broke.
  • After soooo looking forward to CareerMom’s returning at 6 p.m. and giving me a break, I checked online and discovered her flight is 1.5 hours late. Guess I get to put them to bed again.
  • CareerMom had better not come home horny! I’m in a “don’t touch me” mood!

I am NOT handling this well.

8 thoughts on “On the bright side, I don’t have any gray hair anymore…(cuz I pulled it all out!)

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  2. I totally feel ya. My wife just got back almost a week ago from a business trip that took her to Vegas. She stayed in a suite for a week. I stocked up on chimichanga’s, hamburger helper, frozen fish sticks, mac and cheese, and lots of Roman Noodles.

    The day to day stuff is enough to wear you down without being able to get a break!

    Good news is that I got to watch all the horror movies I wanted once the kids were in bed. 😉

    I’m sending Super Daddy Patience Vibes your way bro!

    Not so sure about holding out though… Never been good at that myself. Hang in there!

    1. dobeman

      RE: Yeah, I kinda had a meltdown the night she got home. I mean, I’m fine when she’s gone during the week cuz I can send the kids off to daycare and get some peace and quiet while I’m working, but it’s the weekend–all day, never ending “daddy can you do this…”–bit that drives me up the wall. With three kids, I’m going to HAVE to have some help. That’s all there is to it! Glad you left a couple of comments!

  3. “Give a kid a toy, and he’ll play for five minutes. Ignore a kid for five minutes and everything’s a toy.”

    I can’t stop laughing over that one.

  4. fayezie

    LOL- I’ve repeatedly given my 4 yo an economics talk over the dispensing of Transformers Band-aids for bloody injuries only, and had to examine supposed “injuries” many times to discover the absence of blood… i think he’s finally figured it out ’cause it’s been about 2 weeks since the last time he told me “i think i’m going to need a transformer bandaid when we get home.”

    1. dobeman

      HA! I finally resorted to putting the kid-proof locks on the drawers where the Band-aids are kept. Careermom, God bless her, enables this little habit by perpetually buying “cool” looking bandages. Me…I’d just buy basic brown! Thanks for the comments and for dropping by!

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