If it weren’t so funny, I might be concerned

We’ve all seen those heart-rending videos of starving children in third-world countries right? With Sally Strothers doing her best Tammy Faye impersonation all the while imploring us wealthy Americans to donate our money so that the warlords can hijack the relief trucks before they can get to the needy people. My personal favorite is the elderly gentleman with the graying beard, who keeps saying, “Ma-ria” (pronounced: Mah-rrrddd-ah) with an emphasis on the “Ma” syllable.

Anyway, due to my back problems of late, CareerMom has been doing all of the things with the kids that requires bending over, such as putting MLE in his crib and bathing the boys at night. Well last night, I didn’t feel like cleaning up the mess I made from the Mexican dinner I prepared, so I volunteered for bath duty.

Even though I’ve changed MLE’s diapers and such, it’s all been with him lying down. So, I haven’t seen him naked and standing up in about a week. Last night when I took all his clothes off and put him in the bath, he promptly stood up, stuck both hands under his gi-normous belly and started lifting it up and down like some kinda laughing Santa Claus, all the while dancing in the bathwater and cackling like the Joker. I swear, it was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Once the hilarity died down, I got to looking at his belly and wondered if there was something wrong with him, because it honestly looks like one of those distended-bellied kids who haven’t had a square meal in years; however, I know that’s not the case, and the kid is happy as a lark now that we’ve gotten antibiotics for his latest dual-ear infection. So I guess he’s OK.

I think the boy just eats a ton. There’s one lady at daycare whose mom runs a greasy spoon joints in town and she brings MLE a yummy biscuit a couple of times a week. Between that and the fact that we switched him to whole milk recently, I guess he’s just putting on the weight. But I feel bad for the little guy cuz he’s built like me and that gut is where I carry my weight too.

Sorry lil’ fella, it doesn’t get any easier! I’m just glad you can laugh about it.

4 thoughts on “If it weren’t so funny, I might be concerned

  1. Oh the fun we parents can have with our bathtime stories. Kids + water + nudity = surefire good time.

    Enough with the freaking ear infections…one of my imp’s tubes came out after 6 months and the constant doctor visits and antibiotics are slowly but surely driving me insane. Ear infections be gone!

    Re: I’m not sure what’s worse; the ear infection, or the leg-dripping diarrhea that ensues. MLE is on Augmentin + and it only took two days for it tear his big ol’ tummy up. Blech!

  2. UGH! My imp is on augmentin too and she went through 3 outfits at daycare on Tuesday (started the meds on Monday). This is definitely not helping out the potty-training efforts. It’s good to hear other tales of woe.

    Re: CareerMom asked the pharmacist if there was any magic they knew of to help with diaper rash, as she explained that the augmentin was causing the runs, which was causing the rash, and the pharmacist gave her some “behind the counter” acidopholophogus culture thingies to give him in his food or drink 3 times a day. I guess it’s like giving him several things of yogurt a day. He’s been on it for a couple of days now and it DOES seem to be helping a bit. He hasn’t had nearly as many blowouts as he was having. Ask your pharmacist. They come in a box and each has about 12 individual packets. Good luck!

  3. trishatruly

    PLEEZ PLEEZ PLEEZ send Nana a video of YLE doing the Jolly Old Elf routine!!!!
    I will pay postage!!!!!!!!!!!

    Re: If I had it, I’d send it!

  4. Standing and naked?

    She wouldn’t even let you put on clothes before you tended to the kiddo? What a tough boss.

    Re: While I’ll be the first to make fun of my own belly (in part I fully believe, due a slight spine curvature inward), it ain’t as big as MLE’s! That booger needs to be put on SKIM milk!

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