Too busy to care?

Can you feel it? And didn’t it happen right around the turn of the year?

Aren’t we all just a LOT busier? My Lord, even with the “The Pregnancy,” I hardly have time to cook a meal, much less ponder meaningful and reader-worthy posts.

My only consolation here is that everyone else seems to be suffering from the same malaise and so I don’t feel so bad about not commenting as much as I used to. I applaud those of you who are sticking with it however. You complete me!


In all seriousness though, part of this post is that old exercise in college, “Just start writing something…anything…” but so far it’s not working. Oh, I could go on and on gabbing about nothing in particular, but is that really a good use of your time? Don’t you have like, laundry to do or something? Chickens to feed maybe?

Oh, so CareerMom had week 13’s “High Risk” pregnancy work up and all initial signs point to thumbs up. So that’s good. I have one of the ultrasound pics pinned to my cube wall. I’m not sure why. Is it to remind myself why I work? Is it to hopefully help get me all excited through the overflowing bubbliness that is sure to ensue when some of the ladies around the office stop by to “oooh” and “aaah” over it.

Who am I kidding, nobody drops by my cubicle.

Also, no signs of either a female, or male sexual organ, so we’re going to have to endure a few more, “Oh, maybe this time you’ll have a little girl” comments like I got from my cousin on Sunday. I might have been a tad rude in my response that simply said (and remember, this is a person I speak to like twice a year), “After two miscarriages, we’ll just be happy with a healthy baby.”

So sue me…I was grumpy.

Let’s see, oh yeah. The airline tickets are really cheap up to “Trisha Truly’s” neck of the woods (she’s my Bio-Mom), so I might fly up to see her in March. But that’s only if I can convince her that this rock-hard, manly body of mine CAN NOT and WILL NOT subsist on Metafast and clover that she picked from her own field.

Well here’s to hoping that whatever is keeping you busy, at least feels good!

5 thoughts on “Too busy to care?

  1. HAHAHAHA!! Medifast and fresh-picked clover!!! Don’t be silly! I would also include an occasional EggBeater omelet in the meal plan!!!

    Sheesh! What kinda Bio-Mom would I be if I didn’t, huh?
    😀 😀 :d :d

  2. I just looked and I have 49 drafts in my dashboard, meaning I’ve sat down to do the “just start writing” exercise dozens of times with far less success than you.

    Glad the 13 week checkup went well. Since we’re just a few weeks ahead of you, we should team up and write a book called Zone Defense: Playing to Win When You’re Outnumbered.

    RE: The best defense is a good offense. I’m installing tamper proof locks on all bedroom doors and adding additional layers of soundproofing material directly to the downstairs ceiling to cut down on the “boom boom” whenever one of the kids runs down the hall.
    Future security implementations include handcuffs to the table to ensure that the food that I give the kids gets eaten rather than just left there when the kids decide they’ve had enough of just sitting still. Because apparently, chewing, is not enough activity.

  3. Dana

    Go to your mom’s and relax. Take your own supply of manly food and enjoy yourself.
    I’m glad the check up went well and everyone is doing fine!

    What’s keeping me busy??? I just signed my little man up for t-ball and today he was allergy tested…he was a good sport about the 10 sticks he had. Now he gets to go have a sinus x-ray done Friday. He might just be suffering from some of your ailments there, friend.

    RE: Unfortunately, I checked the flights again this morning and the ones that were even “just barely” acceptable last night, are gone today. Oh well. You wait, you lose out!

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