Well it’s summertime and weather is fine…

I think I’ve taken this whole, “Only post when you feel like it thing” too far. I mean, I haven’t posted in what, two weeks?

But seriously, we’re slowly moving into Summer, which means routine, which means BORING! Already, I’m dreading the heat. I’m dreading having to drag down to the pool and spend an hour and a half holding a splashy youngster while alternately worrying about my love handles. I’m dreading the kids wanting to go do fun things like the water park, and my wanting so badly to tell them no because I know that, during the summer, the water parks in and around Atlanta are inundated with fairly disgusting people who, rather than spending money on vitamins and fluoride rinse, instead spend it on Big Macs and theme park tickets.

I’m dreading all of the many “to do” lists I have and no time to do them.

I’m dreading needing to go visit family in various places, but not wanting to pack the car up with kids again.

imageOh, I’m definitely dreading our upcoming beach trip this weekend! We’re heading down to Orange Beach, AL to stay at the Fabulous “Phoenix onthe Bay” condos. Yep, 377 miles of youth-oriented goodness…and then back again.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s my quarterly depression! I swear it’s like I have “the PMS” or something. Have I ever mentioned that I have serious issues living in the moment. Yeah. I can’t ever seem to immerse myself in “the now” because I can’t stop thinking about the consequences later.
For instance:

  • “This cake is yummy, but I’d better not have too much or I’ll have to exercise extra hard later”


  • “Man, I’d really like to go golfing today, but that means that when I get back, and I’m dog-tired, CareerMom will want to get out of the house and I’ll have to play with the kids.”


  • “It would sure be nice to sit on the back porch and drink a glass of wine and watch the bats, but then it’ll be late when I come to bed and I really need some time to just lay there before falling asleep.”

OR (and this is perhaps the worst one ever, or the best depending on how you look at it)

  • “Sweetheart, if you’re having second thoughts about our engagement, I totally understand. I know being in college is supposed to be one of the best times of your life and, I don’t want to take that away from you. Wait…what? You want to break up? What tha…!

I know, idiotic right? That’s me in all my screwed up glory and God Bless CareerMom for living with it. But with all the depressing news, I’d like to take a moment and mention a couple of positives:

  1. My sister, who had a cyst on her ovaries (I’m pretty sure that’s right, but if not, trust me, I’ll get corrected) had a healthy baby boy early yesterday morning. Both mom and baby Ryan are fine. Woot! I’m an uncle again! (or am I a “half-uncle” since she is my half-sister?) Damn!
  2. Pre-K is almost out for the summer, which means that once it’s over, we’re moving the boys to their new summer camp/daycare location that is much, much closer to home! Yaaaay!
  3. MLE has pee-peed on the potty this week. Hey, that IS a big deal. When you start cleaning poopy diapers that are as nasty as anything an adult would do, you get excited over these little milestones!
  4. I still have a job!
  5. I still have my relative health AND God still loves me and my family

There. How’d I do? Did I balance out all the negativity?

4 thoughts on “Well it’s summertime and weather is fine…

  1. I’ve gotten a lot better about living in the moment. I hope you find a way to do that! It makes life so much better, you know. Have you read “The Power of Now”? I’m not sure if you are into stuff like that but I highly recommend it. Or “The Art of Happiness”, which is still my favorite book to turn to when I need an attitude adjustment. Still, good job in trying to find some good to balance out the bad.

    Cyst on her ovary, fibroid on her uterus… You were close. 😉 Also, I am not fond of the “half” term; I think it is silly. No need to get all technical and stuff.

    1. dobeman

      RE: I was soooo close. I haven’t read that book, but I’ve read a lot of “self-help’ish” books and I think they’re great and all, but I don’t practice them. Which, is why it’s a good thing I don’t have dependency issues. There’s no way in hell I’d ever stick with 12 steps of any kind whatsoever!

  2. I really didn’t think you sounded negative, maybe more realistic and unwilling to do stupid things that make you immensely miserable? LOL Clearly, you take care of yourself and those you love because you’re trying to avoid mistakes. God, if only I was more like that. The “vitamins and fluoride rinse” line cracked me up. Here in New Jersey it’s relatively similar, the crowds and the people . . . well, you just want them all to disappear sometimes. The kids don’t seem to notice, but when you’re turning yourself upside down to make them happy it’s hard not to notice every hideous thing going on, since ya really don’t want to even be there in the first place. Especially when WATER is involved, oh it’s just so totally gross. You would never invite people into your home to share a bath, so why is it cool to put your kid with a bunch of little dirty poopers in a pool?

    I’m interested in this area you’re going to — my step-son just moved to Satsuma, Alabama and eventually I’m sure we’ll visit. The heat sounds so oppressive — but then any heat at all turns me into a wildebeast. In the mean time, please stop worrying about those love handles. Where did you get this obsession from? You’re perfect! Cut it out! I kind of think just once a week you need to insist on playing golf and drinking a glass of wine, then paying up afterwards. You just need the breath of fresh air to keep life worth living!

    Re: half-siblings — they count. I would never call my son and daughter “half-siblings.” They’re brother and sister. End of story. ESPECIALLY if you share a mother. It’s like going to Florida and standing in line at Disney World and meeting someone else from your hometown. You feel a kinship, having lived in the same place. And it has nothing to do with growing up together because sometimes the kids who grow up in the same house don’t get along at all and break ties after growing up — and the kids who don’t grow up together are totally in sync.

    Finally, now that I’ve written a book, but I don’t care cause I don’t want you to stop blogging again:) — I actually like it when people don’t write daily. I can’t read that much, so I can’t easily stay up with the most verbose bloggers. It’s overwhelming. I’m overwhelming! Look at how much I’ve written. Sorry:0

    Oh, and have you tried books on tape for the long car rides?

    1. dobeman

      RE: Satsuma! HA HA HA! Sorry. I grew up in a little town called “Semmes” not far from there. Summers are oppresive here in Alabama, so, visit in the Winter if at all possible.
      Thus far, the vacation has been bearable. The place we’re at is really nice and we’ve managed not to over-do at the beach. MLI has had a great time catching tiny sunfish and then feeding them to a ji-normous bird that stands patiently off the side waiting on us to toss him our latest catch. He’s been there both times we’ve fished.
      But, I think the weather is going to turn on us tomorrow. Looks like 20-30mph winds, which means you won’t catch me down by the ocean. I’m sort-of hoping I can talk CareerMom into leaving tomorrow night and letting me drive at night in hopes that the boys will sleep. They weren’t awful on the way down, but they were still 100% needing something ALL of the TIME! My great idea of putting the Wii in the car for MLI was dashed when I turned it on about 100miles into the trip and realized you can’t select the game you want without the motion sensor bar. HOW FRIGGIN STUPID of you NINTENDO people!
      Anyway, I’ll blog all about it soon ’nuff!

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