Craftiness is not one of my strengths

Before CareerMom left for the week, she did everything she could to make things easier for me in her absence. She told me I could go do whatever I wanted while she watched the boys this past weekend–an offer I only temporarily took advantage of. She made sure the boys had plenty of diapers and wipes and clean clothes stocked at daycare so I wasn’t trying to schlepp all that junk around in my truck (or forgetting it and having to drive the 9 miles back home for it). She even had me go ahead and print up pictures of the family for both the boys because they are each in a new class at daycare (MLI is in pre-k now) and their teachers wanted a picture from each child.

But things rarely go as one plans, and so it was as CareerMom dropped off MLE on Monday morning before she left that she found out the teacher had changed the “picture” request into a “poster” request.

A Poster huh?

That would mean like, crafty crap right? Yeah, um…I’m not really good at crafty crap.

Now, you could ping my mom, or any of my brothers or sisters and they would be able to help out with crafty crap, but not me. I have zero artistic ability, and even less creativity.

That said though, if you give me colors, I can match them. I’m even good at decorating, but don’t ask me to actually MAKE anything.

But, since it was up to me and the boys, I was determined to come up with something that wouldn’t make MLE look like he had the worst, uncaring parents in the world; so here’s what I came up with:

Craft Project 002

Now, as bad as it is, it’s not as crooked as it looks here. That’s just an illusion of the camera. You may be able to click on it and get a larger version.

I’m truly not fishing for compliments here, because though I know it’s not great, for me, it’s actually pretty good. So, I’m not half-disappointed in myself.

And the boys sure didn’t care. I let them both get in on the paint-handprint thing…and then MLE stepped in the green paint and before I could stop him, it was all over the kitchen floor.

CareerMom will undoubtedly want to redo the thing when she returns, but my lil work of art will at least get a few days of life in MLE’s class.

Does that count as 15 minutes of fame?

5 thoughts on “Craftiness is not one of my strengths

  1. I want a copy of that picture of the four of you!!!

    Great job on the poster, especially from someone who professes to having “no” talent. hahahaha

    RE: You’ll notice that I didn’t actually “draw” anything.

  2. Your poster is awesome! We like Moe’s too.

    RE: MLE (1.5 years old) ate all the filling out of a Moo Moo burrito at MOE’s the other night, while his brother ate a few bites o’ chicken and a half a cup of cheese and chips. That boy takes food off of my plate!

  3. That is precious! I can’t imagine she would want to replace it. I hope she appreciates just how awesome it is. Great picture of you all too!

    RE: Thanks! She better not replace it; or if she does, she’d better do it when I’m not looking!

  4. romi41

    That looks great! I am SO on board with the favourite foods section! 🙂

    And I clicked the bigger picture so I could get a better look at you (I mean the poster), and I noticed that *ahem* you are quite the looker!! Time to start posting more pictures 😉

    RE: HA! Thanks for the compliments. I assure you, I look better with a shirt on! (but then, don’t we all?).

    Yep, my kids are decidedly carb-lovers, and frankly, if they’re only going to eat 2-3 ounces of food at a sitting, aren’t carbs the most power-packed calorie they can eat? See how I rationalize?

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